oaksterdam What do you get when you combine the global capital of pot (Amsterdam), with one of the most liberal marijuana cities in the U.S. (Oakland)? The answer is Oaksterdam University, a seven year-old established institute offering students schooling in all things relating to marijuana. Even though Oaksterdam is not accredited by any official recognizing academic committee, that doesn't stop it's school leaders from proclaiming their mission of the marijuana gospels. The university emphasizes not only the importance of marijuana education, but also the duty of actively supporting the continued legalization efforts of marijuana, both for medical and recreational use. “We’re not just a school. We’re a state of mind,” said Oaksterdam executive chancellor Dale Sky Jones, when speaking at a recent gathering of about 100 students in Denver. At about 100 instructors, and attendance from students ranging from attorney's and physicians to amateurs and recent high school grads, Oaksterdam is still not accredited. At best, students can only get a certificate instead of a degree, even though school tuition can be as high as $2,700 for two semesters of study. “If you’ve spent thousands of dollars (on marijuana education), a dispensary owner looking to hire will take that very seriously,” said Dr. Aseem Sappal, Dean of Faculty.      
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