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Highlights From the First High Times Cannabis Cup of 2015

Highlights From the First High Times Cannabis Cup of 2015
  High Times Cannabis Cup San Bernardino   This past weekend, Marijuana Packaging decided to take a trip to San Bernardino to check out the High Times Cannabis Cup. This was the first Cup of the year with five more events scheduled for Denver, San Francisco, Portland, Michigan, Seattle, and then a final wrap up in Amsterdam. Unlike Cannabis Cup's of the past, Marijuana Packaging browsed this year's event from a spectator's perspective, engaging with current clientele and networking with up and coming businesses, eager to succeed in an industry with seemingly, no ceiling, as far as success is concerned. marijuana packaging Southern California's best vendors were in attendance, showcasing their finest products and highly coveted items. Over the years, High Times has become the ideal host for the industries of top grade marijuana, medicated concentrates, known as "dabs", as well as glass pipes, vaporizers, rolling papers, and other products associated with dispensary and smoke shop markets. As marijuana continues it's upward trend of exponential growth, especially from a legal perspective, so too have the number of businesses that attend the highly publicized event.   unnamedAmong the many seminars at the event, we managed to check out "How to Get a Top Pot Job in the Cannabis Industry". This particular seminar was presented by High Times editor Nico Escondido, who broke down the pros and cons of an industry experiencing unprecedented growth, despite still being illegal on a federal level. In Colorado alone, the marijuana industry created over 10,000 jobs for people, since retail legalization began in 2014, not to mention the decreases in crime, and increases in taxable revenue for the state's economy. This is great news for California, a state that has yet to legalize marijuana on a recreational level, despite making the most money out of any state from medical marijuana. bear suit Unlike last year's Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, which decided at the last second to ban pretty much everything relating to dabs including "pot sharing", this year's cup was more in tune with California's laid back approach to marijuana liberalism. Marijuana enthusiasts who had an updated medical marijuana card were allowed entrance into the event's "smoking section", which featured a never-ending supply of free dabs for the uninhibited, and this random guy in a bear suit, who informed us that no bears were harmed in the making of his suit. The Cannabis Cup This year's winners for the best booth, best product, best glass, best vaporizer, and best topical were democratically chosen by attendees. Dispensaries featuring their best indicas, sativas, hybrids and medicated concentrates were also put to the test of "highest" quality, but only the chosen few were selected from the 400+ vendors in attendance. cannabis cup giveaway Besides the live performances from B-Real and Rick Ross, attendees were inundated with a plethora free giveaways ranging from t-shirts to high potent edibles, courtesy of Vader Extracts, Green Wolf LA. We managed to walk away with a few goodies to ourselves, midst the sea of cannabis connoisseurs, all looking for a piece of the action. Luckily, stoners are typically not the aggressive type, so we made it out without any black eyes, bruises, scrapes, or cuts.  

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