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How To Get Filthy Rich From Growing Marijuana and Making Hash Oil

How To Get Filthy Rich From Growing Marijuana and Making Hash Oil
[embed][/embed] Since decriminalizing marijuana in 2012, Colorado has taken the the crown as the number one fastest growing state economy in the U.S. Besides tax revenues going up and crime rates going down in the state, marijuana growers associated with Colorado's emerging system are seeing substantial profits, and even 20 year old's are getting in on the action. Which takes us to Miles and Connor Deife, 25 and 23, Alex Curry, 24, and Josh Chase, 25, who all met each other while attending the University of California, Santa Clara. After graduating and not making the money that they had expected to make, post graduation at regular 9-5's, the team decided to grow marijuana. weed green house Instead of succumbing to the fact that marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, the young men decided to take their chances in Colorado's emerging legal marijuana economy, sparked by marijuana decriminalization in the state. In the spirit of true entrepreneurship, Miles and Connor convinced their grandfather, who happens to be a farmer, to sell them 20 acres of his farmland in Washington state's Kush Valley, in order to start their marijuana enterprise, known as Amerifarms. After borrowing $350,000 from family and friends to build a farm, equipped with proper lighting/overhead and hand-constructed greenhouses for marijuana growing, the four business partners began producing hash oil, which has been producing results similar to running a gold mine ever since. Once retail sales began coming in towards the end of last year, the team realized that they were not going back to their day jobs....ever. "We make $40,000 a day just on hash oil. Literally the machine shits out money. Out of garbage." -Miles Deife, chief stoner                         The numbers don't lie.  

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