Israeli Marijuana In a recent report from Marijuana Business Daily, an Israeli company is asking their government to approve a genetically bred marijuana strain, that has shown to increase the medical value of the plant while reducing the euphoric feelings of being "high", associated with use. In a joint venture formed by software developer BreedIT and licensed medical marijuana grower Seach Ltd., KanaboSeed was formed. According to the Times of Israel, KanaboSeed has already submitted applications for approval of two strains of cannabis that increase the valued CBD content and reducing THC levels. In a company newsletter,  BreedIT's CEO, Oded Sagee stated "we intend to capitalize on the commercialization of new varieties, as allowed by the laws and regulations, in Israel and other countries where regulation permits the use of medical cannabis." Like many other entrepreneurs in the marijuana world, Sagee believes in the development of "designer" strains of marijuana that can be used to treat specific diseases, and that doing so, is essential to the development of the medical cannabis industry as a whole. If KanoboSeed passes the application process after being reviewed by the Agriculture Ministry and Rural Development Plant Breeder's Right Council, the company will be granted a patent to grow their new strains on land belonging to Seach Ltd. According to the Times, Tikun Olam, another licensed medical cannabis growing facility in Israel, in July announced it had been testing Avidekel, a similar strain of cannabis compared to KanoboSeed's proposed strain,  which has 15.8% CBD but less than 1% THC.
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