[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-CakPkPDlg#t=80[/embed] Marijuana delivery services in Los Angeles could metaphorically be going on the endangered species list. Nestdrop, a recently launched marijuana delivery service which utilizes a smartphone app to connect medical marijuana dispensaries to their clientele, is facing a lawsuit from Los Angeles City Attorney watch dog Mike Feuer, who is responsible for closing 402 illegal dispensaries within a span of 17 months. According to reports, a temporary injunction announced earlier this week by Superior Court Judge Robert H. O'Brien, has blocked medical marijuana delivery services in Los Angeles, since Feuer filed his lawsuit. Feurer claims that Nestdrop and other delivery services are a "flagrant attempt to evade the restrictions on the unregulated and illegal delivery of marijuana by motor vehicles to homes and places of business throughout the City of Los Angeles, in blatant disregard of the strictures of Proposition D, enacted by the voters of the City in the Spring of 2013.” In a plea to their marijuana smoking community, Nestdrop co-founder Michael Pycher announced publicly that "it wasn't exactly in our budget as an early stage-startup" to ward off legal attempts to shut down his medical marijuana delivery service proposed the Los Angeles city attorney. Perhaps an insurance policy or two could have helped? Pycher states that Prop. D has nothing to do with his company since Nestdrop only facilitates transactions between customers and properly licensed dispensaries, rather than supplying actual marijuana. According to Pycher's claim, simply connecting customers to products would put them in the category similar to a Yelp, but not businesses listed in Yelp, which should have kept them off the radar from over-zealous regulators such as Feurer. Now, Los Angeles courts will decide if Nestdrop should stick around or kick rocks, meanwhile Ease Solutions LLC, located in San Francisco, and modeled in the same way as  Nestdrop, has had no legal interference since opening up their operation in July.    
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