Bud and Breakfast

Make Room Bud and Breakfast, CannaCamp Wants Stoners!

Make Room Bud and Breakfast, CannaCamp Wants Stoners!
stoners-paradise When you were a kid, you probably looked forward to summer camp every year. You swam with your friends, hiked through nature, and learned how to start a fire with a flint. Maybe you had your first kiss, smoked weed or had a beer for the first time. Now, you can relive all of the same experiences as before, except this time you are high most of the time and your camp counselors are too! Think of it as a summer camp for adults who like getting stoned and doing fun outdoorsy things, and it’s called CannaCamp.
CannaCamp is a 170 acre resort in a beautiful setting in Colorado
CannaCamp is located on a scenic 170 acre luxurious Mountain resort in Durango, Colorado. The camp’s summer season runs from July 1st to October 31st and it features a wide range of activities centered around nature and getting stoned. The camp is tailored towards adults who like getting high, also known as "stoners", and although it’s certainly not inexpensive with the cost of a one night's stay ranging from $395-$449 , the amenities are plentiful.
Stoners can do lots of fun things while high at CannaCamp
Some of the recreation options at the camp include stoned cooking, fishing, hiking, swimming, and even arts and crafts. At the Cooking with Cannabis classes you get to perfect your weed cupcake recipe. Guest stoners are taught how to safely produce delicious THC or CBD infused meals, but you’ll have to wait until after class to eat your experiments as Colorado law currently prohibits serving cannabis infused food. white-castle-17_786_poster On the other hand, stoners get to smoke anywhere they want in all public areas of the resort. CannaCamp was the first property in the state of Colorado that was approved for marijuana consumption anywhere on the premises. This means that guests can smoke up everywhere – while hiking, in the buildings, or during a yoga pose. The possibilities are endless, and there are dozens of THC related activities available for every interest.
Cannabis and outdoor activities go well together
At the resort you, stoners get to enjoy the fun combination of cannabis and outdoor activities including hiking on guided trails, mountain biking, outdoor cannabis yoga, bonfires and more. The terrain is diverse during the summer with scenic lakes, snow-capped mountains, and vast forests of fir and pine trees. There are on-site mountain biking trails with both easy and challenging downhill and free ride trails and roads. It certainly is a tempting option for any adult who wants to relive the fun they had as a kid at summer camp, but with THC involved in pretty much every activity.

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