marijuana legalization Since approving the use of medical marijuana nearly 15 years ago and becoming the first state to do so in the Northeast, Maine is now poised to begin it's campaign for full out legalization. The state already has a decent sized network of 8 dispensaries, as well as 1,500 legal growers statewide. Many advocates such as Drug Policy Alliance director, Bill Piper, believe that marijuana will become accepted in Maine, sooner than later. "It's quite possible that Maine could be the first state in the Northeast to legalize marijuana and other states would follow," said Piper to ABC News. The battle for recreational marijuana legalization in Maine will be far from a cake walk, as petitioners need to collect roughly 61,000 signatures in order for marijuana to be on the statewide legalization ballot initiative in 2016. Although faced with opposition from certain public and law enforcement officials such as Mayor Bob MacDonald, who called marijuana legalization a sign of "degeneration of society", as long as Maine can collect enough signatures and win enough minds in the upcoming months, legalization may be imminent.  
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