Marijuana Delivery Service Carries Wide Range of Pot Infused Goods

Marijuana Delivery Service Carries Wide Range of Pot Infused Goods


Marijuana Delivery Service Carries Wide Range of Pot Infused Goods

Jul 20, 2015
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A new medical marijuana delivery service is now offering a wide variety of pot infused goods in the Bay Area. The subscription service, called The Guild, was founded by two New Yorkers who were passionate about creating accurately dosed marijuana edibles and who went out West to find like-minded individuals.  The service has been nicknamed the “Birchbox of marijuana” because it allows customers to try small samples of the products before they buy. Birchbox is known for providing customers with a host of samples ranging from lotions to lipsticks, and customers of The Guild can shop for several different types of low dose THC edibles based on their preferences and try them out.
Medical marijuana consumers are the target market
The Guild does not intend to sell its products to customers whose lives revolve around marijuana. The founders made it clear that the service is primarily for patients and customers who need high quality, accurately labeled cannabis products to treat various medical conditions such as cancer. It can be difficult for medical marijuana patients to obtain accurate doses from other ingestion methods such as smoking, and most edibles are not properly labeled. The Guild aims to solve this problem by clearly labeling the potency of each of their products.
The Guild is one of the few edible providers that tests their products
There are few providers of medical marijuana products that actually test the THC content of their products. For those that do test their products, many of the testing methods are currently inaccurate. Independent lab tests, for example, have shown that the actual THC content of a particular product may be much lower or higher than what the label shows. California currently does not have any labeling requirements; however, many expect that the state will increase its labeling requirements in the 2016 election due to a ballot initiative.
A leader in marijuana delivery and edible product quality testing
Although it is a new company, the founders of The Guild understood the need for a reliable service that provided high quality cannabis products for patients long before the company launched. In their short existence, they have already set new standards for product quality and may grow to become one of the premier suppliers of cannabis edibles in the United States.  The Guild has proven to be an industry leader in THC testing and product quality, and it has set the bar for current and future providers. The service has focused on providing the highest quality accurately dosed marijuana products possible, and they have proven to be successful thus far with this model.
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