12th joint super bowl If you're a dispensary wanting to compete in Seattle's competitive marijuana market anytime soon, you may want to make sure you have plenty of rolling papers, pre rolled cones, and a joint rolling machine. joint rolling machine In preparation of this year's Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, employees at Solstice, a Seattle-based marijuana dispensary, are rolling up a lot of joints, and when we say a lot, we mean 12,000. The special "12th Pack" promotion will feature a unique "Seattle Seahawks" blend of marijuana, so says the dispensary to NBC News, and will only be made available to medical marijuana patients this year. According to NBC, the "12th Pack" is in reference to the "12th man", a nickname given to Football fans, who most certainly will appreciate the flattering gesture, especially if they have medical marijuana cards. In case you haven't checked out the video yet, you can do so here.          
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