pot-farm In a bizarre turn of events, a Jamaican farmer recently offered his entire 10 acre pot farm in exchange for President Obama’s daughter. The farmer made the ambitious arranged marriage proposal on behalf of his 17-year old son. Malia Obama also happens to be the same age. Farmer Roy Chambers gave a formal invitation to the president and made headlines, but not before a Kenyan lawyer offered Obama 50 cows, 30 goats, and 70 sheep for his daughter’s hand in marriage. The estimated value of the lifestock was approximately $90,000, which is a fairly hefty amount, but very likely not enough to convince Obama to part ways with Malia. Likewise, the marijuana farmer’s proposal was a bit of a long shot, but he has shown no lack of enthusiasm about it.
The Jamaican farmer believes his pot farm is his most valuable possession
pot-farm Chambers referred to his marijuana farm as his “most valuable possession,” and when he made the public offer there were no indications that he was joking. It was unclear whether or not President Obama considered the offer, but it can’t be argued that 10 full acres of marijuana is probably worth a lot of money. Although the total value of the crop was unclear, the farmer seemed to sincerely believe that it was enough and that nothing else was important regarding the young lady’s decision for a life partner.
Chambers has attempted to reach Obama
Chambers has aggressively used various means of communication to try to contact the commander in chief. He has attempted to reach Obama via traditional mail and email, and not surprisingly,  hasn’t received a reply yet. Chambers also recently attempted to approach Obama when he visited Jamaica, and he was caught by security before he could make his proposition in person. The farmer seems to sincerely believe that Malia and his son would make a perfect family.
President Obama has been vocal about his marijuana use
pot-farm Obama has certainly never hidden the fact that he has smoked marijuana in the past and that it was a part of his adolescent life. There are even photos of him smoking what appears to be marijuana in college. Although his policies on drug enforcement have been mixed, Obama is on record for saying that carefully prescribed medical marijuana may be appropriate for treatments. He has also mentioned that the science backing medical marijuana was more important than ideological arguments against it, and that treating drug abuse as a medical, rather than a criminal problem, is a better approach.
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