Marijuana May Shrink Brain Tumors Associated With Cancer

Marijuana May Shrink Brain Tumors Associated With Cancer


Marijuana May Shrink Brain Tumors Associated With Cancer

Nov 17, 2014
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marijuana and brain cancer According to a recently published study, tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol (two of marijuana's active properties) have been shown to successfully treat brain tumors in mice. “We think this is due to the different pathways that these cannabinoids hit,” said Senior author of the new study, Dr. Wai Liu, to Medical Daily. “Specifically, THC works via receptors, whilst CBD may not need them; consequently, using them together results in a ‘priming’ effect in tumour cells, making them more sensitive to the ‘cell killing’ effects of  irradiation.” Findings from Dr. Liu's research indicate that the combination of THC and CBD are the factors most responsible for treating cancer, as shown in his studies of mice. When used simultaneously with one another, the combined cannabis compounds decreased tumor growth more so than only using radiation, or from just using one of the compounds. Not only did tumor growth decrease by 50%, but smaller doses of the cannabinoid elements were needed for the treatment compared to the other two methods researched. Liu attributes the decrease in tumor growth to the how cannabinoid elements react with receptor and chemotherapy treatment. “We think that the cannabinoids are hitting a number of cell signaling pathways, which primes them to the effects of irradiation,” he said. “Pre-treatment with the cannabinoids seems to interfere with the ability of the tumor cell to repair the DNA-damaging effects of irradiation.” Therefore, the tumorous cell growth is ceased. Findings such as these paint a promising and hopeful future for cancer treatment using medical marijuana. Now more than ever, is the time for the general public to take this research to heart, and to act on it. Despite the success of Dr. Liu's research , without the proper legal foundation or social awareness to put his finding in their proper context, his work can only be placed in the "potential" category for now, as his main concern trumping all others, is to save lives. For further information regarding this story:    
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