Beast Mode 2.0

Marijuana Strain Named After Seattle Seahawks Running Back Marshawn Lynch

Marijuana Strain Named After Seattle Seahawks Running Back Marshawn Lynch
beastmode weed strain As the 2015 Super Bowl approaches, one marijuana dispensary owner in Seattle is taking their love of the game to a "higher level". During last year's Super Bowl, Green Umbrella, a marijuana delivery service in Seattle, began selling a strain of marijuana named "Beast Mode O.G.", in honor of the Seattle Seahawks and their running back Marshawn Lynch. Seattle Seahawks To commemorate this year's repeat Super Bowl appearance, co-owner of the Green Umbrella, Nate "Diggity" Johnson, is releasing a newer version of last year's strain, rightfully deemed, "Beast Mode 2.0" or "Beast Mode Blue Fire", according to Seattle PI's Stephen Cohen. Johnson who is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan if you haven't guessed by now, claims that this year's marijuana strain is much stronger than the year before, much like Seattle's team compared to last, and Lynch's strong performance throughout the season. Marshawn+Lynch+Seattle+Seahawks+v+Atlanta+go73NfBICR7l "There's no way that you're getting by smoking this without feeling it, kind of like how Marshawn literally pushes the defense down instead of them pushing him down," Johnson said to Seattle PI. "It's going to push you. You're going to feel it right away." Only the outcome of the Super Bowl will determine if this year's "Beast Mode" was as strong as last year's, according to Super Bowl logic, but regardless of that, fans in Seattle should have something to look forward to on their next visit to the dispensary.        

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