Law and Marijuana Nevada Medical Marijuana Dispensary, GB Sciences Nevada, Nevada Holistic Medicine, Fidelis Holdings and Desert Inn Enterprises are filing a comprehensive lawsuit against Nevada licensing officials and 13 other marijuana businesses, according to Marijuana Business Daily. Allegations of collusion and inappropriate license reversal from the Division of Public and Behavioral Health are the root issues of the 131-page lawsuit. The suit argues that the Division which oversaw 55 provisional dispensary licenses , reversed dispensary licenses awarded to the plaintiffs based on unfair means. The suit also claims that a Division employee colluded with other company lobbyists as " the ultimate insider," taking unfair advantage of the licensing process, and granting licenses to companies through indirect financial gain. Delays are now being expected for the medical marijuana roll-out in Nevada, until clarity can be reached concerning the companies already approved for dispensaries and the additional ones selected by the state.        
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