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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Rolls Out in Rolling Meadows

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Rolls Out in Rolling Meadows
new dispensary In the next round of marijuana hearings in Chicago for licensing and distribution, Medical Alternative Care Center, proposed for 975 Rohlwing Road, received the approval needed to begin plans of opening up shop. This would be the only dispensary so far to date in Rolling Meadows and is estimated to serve between 50-100 people a day. There will be no elementary schools, high schools or day cares within 1,000 feet of the dispensary, and only adult cardholders aged 18 and over will be allowed entry. Since Illinois legalized medical marijuana on a state level, local government can enforce marijuana regulations, even if anti-marijuana sentiment exists in the community in question. "Even if we don't like it, we don't have the flexibility to say no," said Mayor Tom Rooney to the Daily Herald.

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