Ed-Murray-Patricia-Lally2Rather than tackling the issue of marijuana reform in Seattle this month, Mayor Ed Murray plans on proposing structured reform next month. According to the Seattle Times, Jason Kelly, a spokesman for the Mayor's office, says that the city's team needs more time to consolidate rules pertaining to medical marijuana's roll-out in the city. “Any city ordinance, including a regulatory license, needs to work in concert with state law. That’s an issue that’s more complicated. We need to do a little more work on that,” said Kelly to the Times. In the meantime, the mayor's office is continuing to hold meetings marijuana businesses, stakeholders, and City Council representatives . Kelly goes on to tell the Times how the mayor's office wants to “make sure people feel like they’re able to meaningfully contribute to the proposed ordinance.” The Mayor already released his plan of action for tackling medical marijuana regulation in Seattle. The plan details new city licensing standards for marijuana packaging and advertising. The proposed system would require business owners to have criminal background checks, as well as approve official city inspections at dispensary locations.  
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