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Minnesota Approves 2 Dispensaries for Medical Marijuana Licensing

Minnesota Approves 2  Dispensaries for Medical Marijuana Licensing
minnesota_dispensary_newsAccording to Marijuana Business Daily, Minnesota has  selected two businesses for medical marijuana licensing under the state's newly regulated program. Minnesota Medical Solutions and LeafLine Labs are the two companies that have been given authority to grow, process, as well as distribute medical cannabis. Under Minnesota's new system, the two companies will be allowed to cultivate medical marijuana, then turn it into liquid or pill form so that it can be distributed to a total of eight dispensaries in the state. Out of the 12 companies that applied, these were the two selected after careful review of past cultivation records, manufacturing, patient services, financial stability and other methods of determining good standing. State officials were anticipating a low number of applications for business licenses, since the applications fee consisted of a $20,000 non-refundable fee. Minnesota Medical Solutions' team consists of building contractors, greenhouse operators, scientists, as well as doctors. The company expects to have facilities ready for distribution next year in Moorhead, Minneapolis, Maple Grove, and Rochester. Leafline's team consists of an executive from a cultivation team based in Connecticut known as Theraplant, members of a family owned business that operates several garden stores in the state, and physicians. LeafLine plans to open a distribution center by July 1st in Cottage Grove, while dispensaries are set to open by the middle of 2016 for locations in Hibbing, St. Cloud and St. Paul.  

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It’s sad that medical marijuana is caught in the crossfire with recreational use. Looking forward to the day it becomes legal everywhere so it can help everyone.

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