Favorite Musicians Busted For Smoking Weed

Favorite Musicians Busted For Smoking Weed


Favorite Musicians Busted For Smoking Weed

May 11, 2015
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musicians-arrested-for-smoking-weed From Mick Jagger to Snoop Dogg. From Rock to Rap. Find out which of your favorite musicians have been arrested for the simple crime of smoking weed. With all the debate surrounding marijuana legalization in America today, this timeline gives you a unique perspective of how some of the world's most well re-known artists have been scrutinized for marijuana. Although the actual list of musicians busted for smoking a plant is far greater than the timeline portrays, this should give you insight into the reality that the struggle for marijuana legalization is real, even amidst our most cherished and well recognized celebrities. With musicians such as Willie Nelson and the late Bob Marley (his family) announcing sponsorship of corporate marijuana brands Willie's Reserve and Marley Natural, it should be no surprise that this list will continue to grow if marijuana is not legalized in the near future.
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Bob marley
Carlos santana
Chuck berry
David bowie
David crosby
David lee roth
Dionne warwick
Flavor flav
George harrison
Iggy pop
James brown
John lennon
Keith richards
Mick jagger
Neil diamond
Notorious b.i.g.
Paul mcartney
Possession of marijuana
Queen latifah
Smoking weed
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