Nebraska Governor Has It All Wrong About Marijuana
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Nebraska Governor Has It All Wrong About Marijuana

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Nebraska Governor Has It All Wrong About Marijuana

Apr 29, 2015
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pete-rickets As the state Judiciary Committee considers legalizing medical marijuana in Nebraska, Governor Pete Rickets took to his weekly column to voice his concern over marijuana reform in the Cornhusker State. In his weekly address titled, "Marijuana Is A Dangerous Drug", Rickets adds his two cents to the anti-marijuana rhetoric, and like the trusted politician that he is,  parrots biased views against the plant, further perpetuating the power structure of Big Pharma, despite marijuana's obvious medical properties. Blame California Stoners "While Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana, states like California, who attempted to limit marijuana use to a medical purpose, have seen their system abused by marijuana users who access dispensaries for recreational use." God forbid if Californians use pot medically or recreationally instead of alcohol, which reports for nearly 88,000 deaths per year, but if they turn to weed instead of pharmaceuticals, the world just might end. So what if someone wants to treat their insomnia with medical cannabis instead of sleeping pills which have a far greater chance of causing addiction and overdose? entourage-weed The Governor's reasoning is void of the many known uses of cannabis in this example, other than being an alternative to other recreational substances, that are legal and far worse than marijuana, such as tobacco and alcohol.   Pharmaceutical Giants "Because of the tested and trusted regulatory framework of the FDA, Americans enjoy the highest-quality and safest pharmaceutical drugs in the world." [embed][/embed] As shown, Big Pharma continues to push drugs with side effects such as:
  • thoughts of suicide
  • stroke
  • high fever
  • stiff muscles
  • coma
  • decrease in white blood cells
  • dizziness
  • impaired judgement
  • loss of motor skills
  • death
If  drugs with side effects such as these are "tested" and "trusted" as the "safest pharmaceutical drugs in the world," then we're in trouble.  In comparison, there has not been one reported death from marijuana use....EVER, with possible side effects being the following:
  • sleepy
  • hungry
  • slight paranoia
  • euphoric/happy
fatal-marijuana-doses   There's Already Plenty of Research "Major medical associations, including the American Academy of Neurology and the American Academy of Pediatrics, continue to oppose legalization of marijuana for medicinal or recreational use because of the lack of hard scientific research and potential health consequences." The Governor must not have been thinking of the countless stories of marijuana miracles, when he stated that marijuana has no medical use. Apparently he hasn't seen the following video or others, showing the before and after of 11 year old Cyndimae, as her parents give her marijuana extracts as a last resort, to combat her rare form of epilepsy. [embed][/embed] Furthermore, this month marked one of the first times that marijuana has been considered a credible medicine. The federally sponsored, National Institute On Drug Abuse announced it's findings that marijuana not only decreases, but kills cancer cells. (The Feds Finally Admit That Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells)  Whether or not the Governor was aware of this when stating the apparent "lack of hard scientific research" is beyond us. Don't Compare Real Marijuana to the Fake @#$% "Since April 12th, K2 has resulted in over 100 overdoses just in the Lincoln area alone. This is yet another reminder of how dangerous marijuana can be and why any medicinal use needs FDA oversight." Comparing fake, synthetic crap to real marijuana should be illegal! By doing this, the Governor shows his inability to understand the difference between a synthetic cannabinoid that's made in a lab, and a naturally occurring substance found in a plant. The very fact that real marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, is one of the main reasons for why synthetic marijuana was even contrived of in the first place, and why there have been so many overdoses related from it, that could have been avoided if real marijuana was legal. Up until 2012, the FDA had approved the use of synthetic marijuana in convenience stores, despite it's noted public health concerns, so saying that the same organization responsible for synthetic overdoses should also oversee the medical marijuana industry, seems laughable at best, but a necessary evil, that the Governor chooses not to address from a realistic perspective.
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