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Oregon Marijuana Law: Governor To Allow Early Sales of Recreational Marijuana

Oregon Marijuana Law: Governor To Allow Early Sales of Recreational Marijuana
Oregon-marijuana-law As early as October 1, adults 21 and over will officially be able to legally purchase recreational marijuana in existing Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries, a move which many advocates hadn’t expected to see until at least a year down the road. This new Oregon marijuana law, signed off by Democrat Kate Brown, comes barely a month after the state decided to legalize the drug for recreational use, only.
Fears of black market sales
The unscheduled acceleration of Measure 91, comes as an expedited solution to fears that Washington State’s black market would undermine the Oregon marijuana legalization process. Much like Mexican drug cartels that flourish from illegal drug sales due to their illegality in the states, Oregonians feared that the proximity of Washington State’s newly established marijuana market would cannibalize the emerging Oregonian market, which still considers the actual sale of recreational marijuana as illegal. oregon-marijuana-law As a spokeswoman for Kate Brown had stated eloquently to the Huffington Post, “Oregon’s new recreational marijuana law went into effect in July 2015, but Oregonians couldn’t lawfully buy it anywhere for another year or more. If marijuana is legal to use, it shouldn’t be illegal to buy.”
This new Oregon marijuana law is tax free, for the time being
On top of being able to legally possess and grow cannabis, which went into effect July 1, marijuana connoisseur’s will also be allowed to buy up to one fourth ounce of recreational marijuana daily, as well as foster the growth of up to four non-flowering marijuana plants. Just like the non-existent sales tax for current business transactions, Oregonians will have the luxury of enjoying their marijuana tax free, until the 25 percent sales tax is implemented January 4.
Oregon Liquor Control Commission is calling the shots
Much like the current medical marijuana program in the state, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission will be regulating the roll-out of this new emerging Oregon marijuana law, and will be the governing body responsible for issuing new marijuana licenses to prospective dispensaries in the state. Not expected to open until the end of 2016, these new recreational marijuana businesses will be allowed to sell up to an ounce of marijuana per transaction, although regulations pertaining to edibles and smoking paraphernalia, such as marijuana vaporizer pens, have not been made yet.

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It’s sad seeing medical marijuana is caught up in the fight with recreational use. I can’t wait for the day it becomes legal everywhere so it can help everyone.

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