Police Are Using Instagram To Bust Suspects for Marijuana

Police Are Using Instagram To Bust Suspects for Marijuana


Police Are Using Instagram To Bust Suspects for Marijuana

Dec 16, 2014
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Instragram-marijuana-bust Just in case you aren't aware by now, posting marijuana related images on social media sites is considered "reasonable suspicion" to law enforcement authorities, and could land you in hot water with police. Online policing agencies are now using social media posts to bust suspected black market marijuana sellers, and the public's social media accounts are no exception. Not convinced? Ask Jeremy Clayton of South Carolina, who was arrested this year in March for selling marijuana to an undercover officer, after sheriff deputies were tipped off that he had been posting weed related posts to his social media accounts, and mocking law enforcement officials. Clayton posted a photo to his Instagam account of himself sitting in front of computer opened to the Richland County Sheriff's Department website, while holding a lit joint and flipping the bird, according to reports. Even though local authorities did not immediately see the post, they were informed from a "concerned citizen" that the image was "disrespectful" in nature, which ultimately led to his arrest. Hopefully, while reading this article you'll realize that posting marijuana related images to social media is certainly not a crime, and neither is posting pictures of your favorite water pipe or even flipping the bird to the cops. We're simply saying that such actions could potentially piss off law enforcement, which in the long run, could be just the evidence they need to make a bust on you. After being put on the police department's "shit list", Clayton was approached by undercover law enforcement three separate times, and a raid on his residence quickly ensued. Clayton was charged with felony distribution of marijuana and is currently facing up to fiver years in prison, all stemming from his marijuana advertising on Instagram and his rebellious attitude towards marijuana prohibition.                
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