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School District in Washington Rejects $14,000 Donation from Marijuana Grower

washington school district Since hosting the first-of-its-kind marijuana auction in Washington state last month, Randy Williams was expecting to live up to his promise of donating proceeds to a local school district; however, the school that was expected to accept the donation, has turned down the offer. School district officials in Prosser, Washington claim the  donation would undermine the stance they have regarding marijuana use among the youth, according to Marijuana Business Daily. As a second option, Williams plans to give the donation money to a Boys and Girls Club which is still in the process of deciding of whether or not to approve of the donation. Ray Tolcacher, the school's superintendent has been the strongest critic against the marijuana donation. “We’re not taking (the money); end of story,” Tolcacher said to Marijuana Business Daily. The refusal of the donation money points out the many challenges that marijuana businesses face when trying to make positive impacts on their local communities. Potential Resolution: Rather than denying the donation, the superintendent could have used the money to inform children on the uses and dangers of cannabis, instead of sweeping the topic under the rug. Money that could have been used to fund textbooks, school supplies, and potentially marijuana awareness classes, have now been squandered, due to outdated views surrounding cannabis.    
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Mary - December 7, 2018

Hello are they nuts.. oh I guess so .. so many small minded people in these small minded jobs they have they all think there a king and what they want ..Hello WE the people voted YES on I-502…
this is a cash cow and you don’t want the money.. are you nuts? but you want me to pay more taxes, every time you cry the blues that your so under funded … there is a 4 letter word I would like to say but will keep it to my self… your so selfish this money is for the kids…. I am so sadden by this BS…

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