alcoholic vs marijuana According to a new study, researchers bashing marijuana use, have not just had it wrong, but very wrong, when it comes to the dangers of marijuana compared to other drugs. In the study reported by the Washington Post, researchers found that compared to legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco, as well as other certain illegal drugs...marijuana was the least deadliest and least likely to cause overdose. Believe it or not, alcohol was considered the most deadly from this list in terms of the likelihood of someone dying from overdose, followed by heroin, cocaine, tobacco, ecstasy, and meth. From least likely to most likely to cause overdose, marijuana was considered 114 times safer than alcohol, despite it's current classification as a scheduled 1 narcotic and controlled substance. Alcohol and tobacco are also currently legal which adds to the high likelihood that someone would overdose, given it's widespread availability. graph of marijuana vs alcohol Although these findings aren't new from the perspective of the cannabis community, they do re-affirm the long held belief from advocates, that marijuana's current classification as a controlled substance is nothing less than absurd. The fact that alcohol and tobacco have both been disregarded as substances that are not "bad" enough to be on the controlled substances list while marijuana is, shows the deep discrepancy between legality and reality, when it comes to pot. Advocates have been using this new study to further perpetuate the marijuana legalization momentum, that has already been responsible for legalized cannabis use in Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. Even the researchers conducting the study, who had before been neutral on the topic of marijuana, support regulating marijuana as a legal substance. So the next time you're debating with yourself on whether or not to get that six-pack, or blaze out of one of your favorite glass pipes, go with the latter, but not because we told you did.
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