Texas Could Legalize Marijuana...For Jesus

Texas Could Legalize Marijuana...For Jesus
Texas Marijuana supporters in Texas just passed a major milestone this past Wednesday. In case you haven't read the headlines yet, Republican state Rep. David Simpson's proposal to allow marijuana legalization just made it past the Texas House of Representatives, but not for medical or recreational reasons. Texas could legalize marijuana for Jesus. holy smokes As reported by ABC News, Simpson believes that marijuana comes from God and shouldn't be made illegal by the government. Unlike others states that have proposed legalization for medical purposes, such as treating small children for epilepsy, or treating our soldiers for post traumatic stress disorders, Simpson's proposal takes on more of a fundamentalist Christian approach. Which brings up the question that every advocate wants to know: What would Jesus burn? Similar to Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which accidentally opened up the doors for the First Church of Cannabis this past April,  Simpson's proposes, what he calls the "Christian case" for marijuana, which apparently struck a chord in politicians voting for the proposal on Wednesday. According to ABC, three committee Democrats and two Republicans surprisingly voted in favor of the measure, which is expected to be heard on the House floor in June. Although highly unlikely to be passed, this news comes as "unprecedented progress" to advocates in the state who feel as though marijuana reform is long overdue. More than half of Texas voters are in favor of taxing and regulating marijuana in the same manner that alcohol is, as stated from Public Policy Polling, even though medical marijuana hasn't even been close to getting approved yet. At the very least, Simpson's proposal will jump start decriminalization of marijuana in a state notorious for it's gun ownership, and shows that Texas voters and officials alike, are getting disgusted by the war on drugs, as they should be. Eden Genesis 9:3 - Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.  

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