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Three Ex Cops Smoke Weed From a Water Pipe

Three Ex Cops Smoke Weed From a Water Pipe
ex-cops-smoke-weed-from-water-pipe In the most epic of videos from recent times, three former Washington State police officers are shown smoking marijuana from a water pipe as well as a few joints, all on video, and the outcome is priceless… The video which was released with perfect timing on 4/20 is titled “Ex- Cops Smoking Weed”. It was produced by Cut Video, the same company that brought you “Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time”, if your memory is still all there. Throughout the video, the ex- cops get “high asf”, discuss marijuana legalization, and jokingly give each other a field sobriety test.When asked if marijuana is a gateway drug, the oldest of the cops responds with one of the greatest arguments against marijuana prohibition to date.
The Gateway Drug Question
Cut Video: Is marijuana a gateway drug? Reen (ex-cop #1): I think it can certainly be a gateway drug…yes. Robert (ex-cop #2): I’d like to respond to that too because if you look at it, everyone who is a heroin addict started out drinking milk. Cut Video: So you’re saying milk is a gateway drug? Robert (ex-cop #2): Apparently… cops-smoke-from-water-pipe Robert goes on to explain how marijuana should be legal for legitimate reasons other than just wanting to get high, and that medical marijuana should be accessible to those of us who would be lost without it. Reen even admits that the headache that he had prior to lighting up, had gone away after only a few tokes. All three of the men seem to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves from the experience. Not exactly the sentiment that you’d expect from ex-law enforcement officers, but even they get stereotyped unjustly. The video concludes with the officers taking a farewell hit from a joint, and viewers being left with wide eyed amazement. See the video here if you haven't checked it out yet. It will probably make your day. [embed][/embed]

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