Marijuana Research Higher education may be coming to Colorado's colleges and universities in a way that most people would have never thought possible. To date, the only federally sanctioned marijuana growing operation is located within a 12 acre space at the University of Mississippi, where government workers oversee cannabis plants supposedly meant for, "research". According to reports, Colorado colleges and universities are now asking the federal government to take part in the their own research in order to fill the gaps between bias information regarding cannabis and the actual medical benefits that are seen from patients whose only relief is from use of the plant. As detailed in a letter from deputy attorney general David Blake, “current research is riddled with bias or inefficiencies and often conflict with one another." The letter goes on to say that "it is critical that we be allowed to fill the void of scientific research, and this may only be done with your assistance and cooperation," addressed to the federal government. This initiated proposal from college officials marks an increasing trend in Colorado to study and research the effects of marijuana on the human body from non-biased sources. Last month alone, Colorado was awarded $8 million for medical marijuana research to determine whether or not the drug is a suitable alternative to other prescription drugs that treat epilepsy, post traumatic stress disorder, and a host of other health ailments.      
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