University of Denver Enrolls Students for Marijuana Classes

cannabis professorClasses sold out quickly for a cannabis based business class scheduled to start in January, at the University of Denver. Among the topics covered in the class will be real estate, taxes, banking, contract, criminal defense, regulatory compliance, and multidisciplinary practices all relating to the marijuana industry. "I don't know of anyone who's teaching anything like this," said Sam Kamin, the creator of the course, to the Denver Post. Rather than teaching students how to sell a lot of pot, Kamin stresses the importance of learning business and legal basics in their relation to industry and government. Students attending the class will also have the privilege of hearing from a handful of marijuana business in the industry, as well as their lawyers, which could come in handy when understanding federal legalization concerns.
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Cannabis News - December 7, 2018

It’s shameful seeing medical marijuana is caught up in the fight with recreational use. I can’t wait for the day it’s legalized everywhere so it can help everyone.

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