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Vape Pen: A Connoisseur's Best Friend

Vape Pen: A Connoisseur's Best Friend
best-friend-vape-banner-reVaporizer pens or vape pens have become incredibly popular in recent years among marijuana users, most notably because of their convenience, how discreet they are, and for the simple fact that vaping is considered to be a better alternative, in terms of health, than smoking in many states that have legalized medical marijuana. When most people think of a vape pen they think of mods and nicotine e-juice; however, there have been several vape pen models recently released that are made specifically for dry marijuana flowers, wax concentrates (dabs), or oil concentrates. Some models work with only dry flowers, wax concentrates, or oils, while other models work with all three, depending on the sophistication of each device.

Vaping is better for your health

Vaping is healthier for your lungs and provides you with the same amount of THC as smoking. Burning cannabis results in the buildup of toxins such as carbon monoxide. Numerous studies have found that vaporizing marijuana resulted in little to no increase in carbon monoxide levels in the bloodstream compared to combustion, and patients reported that their experience was just the same as if they had smoked. As one doctor stated from a research study conducted earlier this year, "vaporizers provide one of the safest ways to ingest the medicine because you're not actually burning any plant matter."

Vape pens are becoming an acceptable alternative to smoking

There are 23 states and the District of Columbia that have legalized medical marijuana, however each state has very different guidelines about how, when, and where marijuana can be smoked. Certain states such as New York explicitly forbid medical marijuana patients from smoking it, and encourage them to use tinctures, edibles, or vaporizers as the only other means for ingesting the herb. Because of these regulations, many people have begun using vaporizers to stay in compliance with state laws. And simply put, they are a lot more convenient than smoking, and better for your lungs. Because of their portability and the fact that they release very little visible vapor or smell, they can be used discreetly in public places like movie theaters, indoor areas, and public places where they are oftentimes mistaken for nicotine vape pens.

Several vape pen and vaporizer models are available for herb, wax, and oil concentrates

With so many choices available and with a variety of sizes, battery lives, pull strength, and durability, vape pens have become the new  alternative to smoking and continue to grow in popularity. Knowing the functionality of each vape pen in question is the first step in determining which one will work best for your needs. vape-pen The Smooth 2 Loaded Vaporizer (Wax Only) is considered to be one of the best vape pen models for wax concentrates because of how quickly it works, and its portability. Along with it’s protégé, the Titan Jr., which features a double titanium heating element, the Smooth 2 Loaded vape pen delivers quick draws in a matter of seconds when used with dabs, is easy to conceal, and has one of the lowest prices of any vape pen currently on the market. stay-lit-lit-stickYet another cheap vape pen to consider is the Stay Lit+ Lit Stick (Dry Herb and Wax Only). Much like its predecessor the Stay Lit Vaporizer Kit which is compatible with dry herb and oil only, the Stay Lit Stick has very similar functionality, and does not need separate mouthpieces or heavy atomizers for it's alternate methods of use. Priced at $5 a pen, this vaporizer is a must have for connoisseurs of both dry herb and wax who need a versatile device that can deliver dual functioning for its users. sonic-hand-held-vape-penThe Sonic Hand Held Vaporizer (Herb Only) is a well-designed handheld vaporizer designed to work with dry marijuana flowers only as opposed to wax only, and offers precise temperature control. Similar to the Smooth 2 Loaded Vape Pen this vaping device is small and discreet and easily fit in the palm of your hand, perfect for those clandestine vaping opportunities. Due to the precision based temperature controls on this device, users have the option of producing a thick vapor on a more intense temperature setting and a light misty vapor on a lower setting. lftd-vape-pen The LFTD Herb Vape 2300mah (Herb and Wax Only) is yet another state of the art herbal vape pen, allowing one the option of vaping at 6 varying temperature degrees ranging from 320-410 degrees, each indicated by its own LED colored light preference. One of the more futuristic models of vape pens, this vaporizer also features an automatic shut-down feature, which shuts down the device after 10 minutes of non-usage allowing for extended battery life. jomotech-dark-knight-honour-vaporizer-1The Dark Knight Honour Vaporizer (Herb, Wax, and Oil) isn’t your average vape pen per se but more of a combination between a glass pipe and a vaporizer. This premium vaporizer allows you to smoke grinded dry marijuana, wax concentrates, as well as oil concentrates, all within the confines of a single device. Much like the LFTD Herb Vape 2300mah, this vape pen has three different LED lighting mechanisms(red, green, and blue), indicating the varying temperatures needed for functionality with dry herb, wax, and oil.  This vaping device comes equipped with small glass tubes for use with wax and e-liquid and automatically shuts down. For a complete selection of vaporizer and and vape pen models:  http://www.marijuanapackaging.com/smoke-shop-supply/vaporizers-vape-pens.html

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