marijuana auction According to the Tri City Herald, Washington state's first marijuana auction brought in $600,000 this past week. The event was held by Fireweed Farms of Prosser and was monitored by two reps from the Washington Liquor Control Board. Fireweed Farms owner Randy Williams sold about 300 lbs of marijuana which had been recently harvested in September and mid October. Williams reasoning for selling the large amounts of marijuana was because he wanted to "get rid of it all quick" so that he could spend quality time with his grandson, rather than packaging marijuana. Marijuana provided at the auction was priced according to gram and organized by strain in groups ranging from half pounds to five pounds. Buyers were also provided with a specific list of strains and lot sizes that gave details regarding labeling requirements, potency, and certification. About 40 potential buyers showed up for the auction, many of which were licensed dispensary owners. Even though this was Washington state's first marijuana auction, the success of the event, has already ensured that it will not be the last.
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