CHEAP-WEED Compared to times of old, today's marijuana patients and connoisseurs have it easy. Long gone are the days where you had to buy your marijuana in a back alley from a friend of a friend who knows a friend. With 23 states now with reformed medical marijuana laws, there's simply no excuse to settle for over priced nonsense that doesn't even come close to registering on your euphoria radar. Although the black market may seem like the best place to get the best weed prices nowadays, this is simply not the best option, at least not yet, from a legal perspective. Now that marijuana has been around for a while and beginning to gain mainstream social acceptance like never before, consumers are wising up to the idea of buying high quality pot at low pricing, raising the ultimate question: What are the best states to find the lowest priced weed, at the highest quality? If you guessed the west.... you're definitely headed in the right direction. Similar to the Gold Rush of the 1940's, the true riches of America's marijuana industry are located in the west with states like Colorado, Washington, Oregon and California leading the way towards cannabis glory. In a statement to The Cheat Sheet,  Wikileafs representative Dan Nelson, attests of this sentiment, but for reasons outside the spectrum of growing techniques. "It's all about location, and where you are, and depends on what tax structure is set up," Nelson said in an interview with The Cheat Sheet. cannabis-activists According to Nelson, taxation is the determining factor for pricing in key states, and has been one of the biggest obstacles concerning the industry's growth potential. Nelson told The Cheat Sheet that if you were buying weed at a legal recreational facility in Seattle, you'd more than likely be paying nearly twice as much for mid grade quality buds, as opposed to a medical marijuana dispensary, where the same gram could cost you less than $10. Nelson advises going to medical marijuana dispensaries for the best bud prices, since many on the west coast are exempt from taxation, unlike recreational facilities. Best Cities for Cheap Pot Backed up with statistics from Wikileaf as well as Leafly, which both specialize in exact weed prices from around the country, Nelson suggests three different cities in supplying you with the choicest nugs at the cheapest prices. "You're going to find the cheaper deal in Denver, Seattle, and Portland," Nelson told The Cheat Sheet. In these cities, grams can range in prices as low as $6 all the way up to $30 for top shelf selections. Worst Cities For Cheap Weed cheap-weed Despite the Golden State's Emerald Triangle, California actually has some of the most expensive weed thanks to three of it's largest cities. San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles all take the crown for having some of the highest weed prices around, even though medical marijuana dispensaries are a dime a dozen. Nelson attributes sky high prices to black market chronic coming from Mexico, as well as imported weed from Canada, which is in constant competition with legal marijuana and state laws. All in all, despite the high cost of weed in Cali, when it comes to buying the cheapest weed, the best is in the west.
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