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Will Monsanto Develop GMO Marijuana Strains?

Will Monsanto Develop GMO Marijuana Strains?
gmo-marijuana Adding to the concerns and debate about genetically modified organisms, there are rumors from some advocates, that Monsanto is developing GMO marijuana strains. Some have even alleged that George Soros is secretly teaming up with Monsanto to start producing genetically modified marijuana crops for production and sale in Uruguay, however none of the rumors have been confirmed. Uruguay is the first country that has fully legalized the possession, sale and cultivation of cannabis. Even though the rumors remain unproven, there is plenty of financial incentive for Monsanto and interested parties to develop GMO marijuana. If a group were to develop GMO marijuana, it might even set a precedent for how the United States should manage it's newly developed marijuana industry,  and whether or not the drug should be reclassified from its Schedule I status and legalized on the federal level.
George Soros has pushed for marijuana legalization in the United States
In spite of the conjecture, it is a well-known fact that Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros has helped the fight for marijuana legalization in the United States for many years. Soros has spent an estimated $80 million since 1994 on the push for legalization. He has also financially supported the American Civil Liberties Union with annual donations. Soros’s intentions for his marijuana legalization support are most likely for any number of reasons completely unrelated to Monsanto. Perhaps unfairly, some have tied the two together because Soros is a key Monsanto shareholder.
There is the potential for huge profits in genetically modified marijuana strains
The rumors that Monsanto is researching genetically modified marijuana strains are probably the result of fears surrounding the legal cannabis trade. The possibilities for GMO marijuana strains are quite endless, and there will very likely be several companies trying to capitalize on control of the legal cannabis trade as it starts to expand throughout the world. Marijuana could theoretically be modified several different ways. Monsanto has been known already for producing GMOs that are herbicide resistant. The seeds are known as “Round-up Ready” and they are also notoriously known as “terminator seeds.” This is because they are genetically altered to be sterile, which forces farmers to buy new seeds every year. Marijuana seeds could be modified in the same way, and they could also be modified for higher yields, or higher THC concentrations. This could theoretically help a company control the market should they choose to do so. There is no doubt that Monsanto has profited handsomely off of its genetically modified seeds in the past, but it remains unproven if they are planning on applying the same concept to the marijuana trade. If they do, their actions would likely continue to set off more legal battles and passionate arguments about the ethics of GMOs.

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