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1 Pound (448g) Mylar Bags

Our 1 pound (448g) Mylar bags are perfect for storing larger quantities of product. They offer robust protection and ensure optimal freshness, all at affordable wholesale prices.


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Tamper Evident | Matte Black Vista PCR Mylar Bags (Tear Notch) | 14.6in x 16.4in - 448g - 100 CountTamper Evident | Matte Black Vista PCR Mylar Bags (Tear Notch) | 14.6in x 16.4in - 448g - 100 Count - 1

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Bulk Bags

Discover More About 1 Pound Mylar Packaging Bags

When you want to keep your bulk herbal remedies safe and pristine, 1 Pound (448g) Mylar Bags are the go-to storage solution. These packaging bags are perfect for storing your green in large quantities. As the name suggests, our bulk bags can hold as much as one pound or 448 grams. For better context, their external dimensions are 14.6 × 16.4 inches.

But their large capacity isn't the only reason why these products are legit. They are also:

  • Smell proof
  • Puncture resistant
  • Compliant with industry regulations
  • Reusable

Our large mylar bags are available in two styles- matte black and metallic silver. They both come with a vista window that offers a sneak peek of the goods inside. This is excellent if you want to showcase the quality of your herb.

Exclusive Pinch N Slide / Pinch N Pull Bulk Bags

We also offer a selection of exclusive Mylar Bags for Sale that take things to a whole new level - our Pinch N Slide and Pinch N Pull pouches. They incorporate our proprietary closing mechanisms to offer the ultimate packaging experience.

Pinch N Slide Wholesale Bags

The Pinch N Slide mylar bags are a combination of everything you want from your herbal packaging. Their patented pinch and slide closure make them child resistant and senior-friendly. These Child Resistant Mylar Bags also incorporate a heat seal that provides tamper evidence.

Pinch N Pull Mylar Bags

Our Pinch N Pull pouches are the perfect blend of form and function. Similar to their Pinch N Slide counterparts, these Mylar Bags also incorporate a child resistant closure and tamper evident seal. They're also jam-packed with all the incredible features that set our pouches apart, like odor resistance, tamper evidence, and more.

These child resistant mylar bags are also customizable. You can make use of different printing technologies to create Custom Mylar Bags that reflect your tastes. For this reason, they are the best mylar bags for making personalized packaging for diverse demographics.

Introducing Post-Consumer Recycled Mylar Pouches

We're also proud to present our latest environmentally conscious packaging product, the Post-Consumer Recycled pound bag. This product has it all. It's an eco friendly and durable packaging option. PCR Packaging is known for its significant positive effects on the environment. It helps reduce landfill waste and reliance on virgin plastics. Therefore, getting this mylar bag wholesale is an excellent way to appeal to eco conscious consumers.

Wrapping up, bulk mylar pouches are the real deal when it comes to packaging large amounts of green. They combine aesthetics and functionality to create the best packaging for your herbs.

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