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1 Pound (448g) Mylar Bags

Our 1 pound (448g) Mylar bags are perfect for storing larger quantities of product. They offer robust protection and ensure optimal freshness, all at affordable wholesale prices.


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Pound Bag

Large amounts of cannabis call for a specific type of pound bag to help preserve all of its green goodness. Look no further than a 1 pound bag, which is durable, safe, and inconspicuous.

For years, the cannabis industry has relied on convenience over efficiency to preserve cannabis in large quantities. In the 90s and early 2000s, marijuana dispensaries would often receive turkey bags filled with flower from cultivators. Turkey bags, however, were never created for cannabis. Despite how efficient they were, things have changed and the evolution happening within cannabis technology is providing better solutions for preserving flower after the process of curing.

Now more than ever, cannabis companies are embracing these new changes, especially with compliance packaging laws taking place. Plus, who wants stale weed? Marijuana dispensaries aren’t storing their products by the gram. Buying in bulk, whether for packaging or cannabis itself, is the norm for any cannabis dispensary.


What Is A Pound Bag For Marijuana?

Dispensary pound bags are a crucial accessory that every dispensary across America should keep in stock for a variety of reasons. Of course, the pound Mylar bags comfortably store 448 grams. However, even with large quantities of cannabis stored within the unit, they are completely smell-proof and puncture-proof, thanks to their thick, heavy-duty plastic.

While 3.5 gram bags are popular, the 1 pound bag reigns supreme in the wholesale world. A 1 pound bag stores enough flower to facilitate larger sales between cultivators and the end dispensary. While avid cannabis smokers likely buy in bulk, it’s dispensaries that are typically holding onto pounds on pounds of cannabis in their inventory.

The thing is, cannabis is a delicate plant that requires the utmost care even after cannabis cultivation and curing processes. Even when it’s being preserved in a 1 pound bag before being placed on shelves, large quantities of cannabis must be stored safely and efficiently. While cannabis quality is easily manipulated by light and storage climate, a step towards combating the disintegration of products is Mylar bags 1 pound units. A one pound bag with durable and thick plastic with a press and seal lock keeps all of your products airtight.

1lb Mylar bags assure quality for medical marijuana, recreational purposes, and everything in between. Pound Mylar bags have been used across many different industries, from food and drink to medical labs. The 1 pound bags we offer are not only smell proof, but they are also tamper evident with child resistant options!

The cannabis industry’s use of the bags allows for products to be easily organized and stored properly from the farm to the stores. The zipper lock on it assures that every single bud that’s contained within won’t be letting out any of the scent. In that sense, dispensary pound bags are also the most discreet manner to store flower or extracts.

Pound Mylar bags are truly the most innovative solution in cannabis packaging in the past decade. With a 1lb bag, marijuana dispensaries, cannabis customers, and the brilliant minds behind cannabis cultivation can make sure that the experience and integrity of the products remain consistent.


Does My Business Need 1 Pound Mylar Bags?

If you’re looking to keep your customers happy with every visit and purchase, storing up to 448 grams in a pound bag for weed is absolutely necessary. Dispensary pound bags have become a norm in cannabis culture, whether for a recreational dispensary, mmj dispensary, or online shops. A pound bag of weed is just ideal for so many cannabis businesses!

One of the best aspects of one pound barrier bags is how easy they are to store. For dispensaries, that means that the ability to easily separate and store the variety of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid flavors that are on their menu. 1 pound Mylar bags can stand up which makes them easy to place in a cool, dark place until they are ready to be sold.

Another great thing about getting a 1 lb bag like these is that they are heat sealable (heat sealers for 1lb barrier bags are available on our site, as well). Every 1lb smell proof bag needs a heat sealer!

This is a perfect characteristic for the dedicated growers that bring the fruits of their labor to stores for recreational and medical purposes. The tamper evident seal on the 1lb bag offers a sense of comfort for the buyers, growers, and customers.


Where To Buy 1lb Mylar Bags Wholesale

Marijuana Packaging is the most trusted place online for the purchase of 1lb cannabis bags and pound Mylar bags, and any other dispensary supplies wholesale. Our website is the one-stop-shop for wholesale marijuana packaging. The 1 pound Mylar bags are available to fit your needs for both compliance packaging and maintaining eye-popping branding.

The pound bag that we currently have in stock is tamper evident. The pound Mylar bags come in a stylish black with a matte finish and a futuristic glossy silver. 1 pound Mylar bags from Marijuana Packaging facilitate different packaging laws where cannabis is legal for recreational and medical use.

Take the matte black vista Mylar 1 lb bag. The 1lb Mylar bags are sized 14.5 x 16.5 in with rounded corners and a clear side with a max storage room of 453.59g. The 1 lb bag can be purchased as 20 boxes of 100 bags for the best deal you'll find anywhere. These are an excellent choice for the bulk purchase of 1lb Mylar bags.

The other type of 1lb bag available on the market right now is the glossy silver 1lb Mylar bags. These types of 1 pound Mylar bags share similar dimensions to the black matte version, along with having a clear side. The silver pound bag is available in cases of one hundred.

Pound Bag - The Bottom Line

Storing products in 1 pound Mylar bags keeps them fresh for longer before they’re even put on shelves. That means that customers are getting their hands on top-grade products every time they purchase without fearing that their favorite strain in stock has dwindled in quality.

One of the main reasons behind why they’re such a necessity in every dispensary across America is because of compliance packaging and the need to adhere to strict rules. The smell-proof pound bag assures that every strain that is on the menu is able to reserve its special qualities, from its terpenes to THC levels.

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