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16 Dram Reversible Cap Vials

Browse child-resistant 16 dram vials for cannabis packaging. Choose from various colors or customize your 16 dram pill bottle for any wholesale purchase.


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16 Dram Pill Bottle

There is a reason why the 16 dram pill bottle is now one of the most discussed packaging products in the cannabis community. Dispensaries that supply wholesale products are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the convenience of their customers while using their products. At the same time, it is important that these pill bottles for cannabis meet the standard of compliance packaging.

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of 16 dram pill bottle for wholesale cannabis packaging.

What Is A 16 Dram Pill Bottle?

To fully understand how the 16 dram vial dimension became popular in the pharmaceutical and cannabis industry, it is important to have a glimpse at its history.

Historians have been unable to specifically identify the origin of the dram unit. However, many of them suggested it must have been a measuring unit used by ancient Greeks. According to history, the apothecaries measurement system was developed in the US. At this time, a dram apothecary is considered equivalent to 60 grains.

A teaspoon of a fluid is roughly equivalent to a fluid of dram unit. 16 dram pill bottles for cannabis are airtight and can be child resistant and tamper evident. Now that cannabis is getting legalized due to its health beneficial effects, it is more important than ever that marijuana companies use compliance packaging.

Available Types Of The 16 Dram Pill Bottle

Reversible Cap Vials Opaque Black: Features an opaque, light-resistant, stoic black veneer, reversible cap 16 dram size containers.

Reversible Cap Vials Assorted Colors: These 16 dram vials include the mechanism of child resistance for optimal safety and come in several colors.

Others include: Reversible Cap Vials Opaque Gold, Reversible Cap Vials Opaque Silver, Reversible Cap Vials Opaque White, Reversible Cap Vials Opaque Green, and more.

Does My Business Need 16 DRAM Vials?

This article is not to compel you to start packaging your wholesale cannabis products with 16 dram vials, instead, we strongly encourage using the 16 dram pill bottle if packaging cannabis requires it.

Consider using the 16 dram vial dimensions if your dispensary packaging requires any of the following:

Customized Packaging

Any 16 dram pill bottle purchased from Marijuana Packaging can be customized to reflect your brand name and information about the product itself.

Medical Law Compliance

Pharmaceutical law requires medicinal packaging should be child resistant and with a label. A standard 16 dram pill bottle from Marijuana Packaging is child resistant.

Customers’ Comfort

16 dram vials can easily fit into customers’ bags, and thus, can be moved around easily.

Product Quality

The opaque feature of 16 dram vial dimensions helps to retain the quality of the marijuana packaged in it.

Where To Buy 16 DRAM Pill Bottles Wholesale

It is important to check out the license and authorization for doing business before considering buying 16 dram vial dimensions from any supplier. You should only buy the best of the best pill bottle for cannabis.

16 dram vials are designed in different sizes and the pricing is expected to be very reasonable ― not too cheap and not too expensive.

Marijuana Packaging is a licensed company for wholesale cannabis packaging products. You can order 16 dram size in the preferred quantity from the comfort of your office.

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