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16 Dram Reversible Cap Vials

Ensure safety with 16 dram child-resistant cap vials. Perfect for pharmaceuticals and sensitive items. Secure, easy to use, and practical.


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16 Dram Pill Bottles

Learn More About Our 16 Dram Pill Bottles

Keep your herbal products fresh with our 16 Dram Pill Bottle. The herb industry has witnessed substantial growth over the years. This can be attributed to the increased use of botanicals by consumers. Although this presents a great opportunity for businesses, it’s equally important to know how to fully seize them.

Utilizing appropriate packaging like our 16 dram pill bottles can help ensure that your products remain fresh for longer. Packaging have evolved to become very essential; they can either make or break your business. Given that they house your products, it’s best to invest in reliable storage items. We offer some of the best 16 dram pill bottle packaging on the market. You can shop for Opaque Green Reversible Cap containers or Transparent Amber Vials, both of which offer superb protection for your botanicals.

Some of the advantages of purchasing our 16-dram pill bottles include:

  • Medical Compliance: Our medicine vial packaging have child resistant features, which makes them compliant with pharmaceutical laws and regulations
  • Easily customizable: They have ample space that is suitable for branding and customization
  • Convenience: Small and portable, which makes them easy to use and carry

Discover Our Incredible Reversible Cap Vials

We also have an amazing collection of Reversible Cap Vials, perfect for businesses that are looking to spice up their packaging. You can find a plethora of containers suitable for different client needs. Hence, they’re the perfect addition to your store.

So, how do these Child Resistant Packaging function? Well, that’s quite simple. They have a cap that has two operating mechanisms. The first option is a push-and-turn opening method, which helps to prevent young, curious hands from accessing the products. Alternatively, flipping the cap turns it into a normal screw-top container.

Our reversible cap vials can be categorized into two; Opaque and Transparent Cap Vials.

Opaque Cap Vials

Opaque vials are some of the most widely used containers across various industries. They do a phenomenal job of blocking out light. Consequently, this helps to prolong the shelf life of the stored products. Plus, they’re perfect for customers who prefer to be discrete.

Transparent Vials

Additionally, you can also get transparent vials which are equally effective in preserving the stored items. These are the go-to storage items if you want to showcase your products.  

We have different vial colors, so you can cater to a wider client base.

Check Out Our Outstanding Edible Containers

That’s not all. We also offer superb Edible Containers. You can get different edible packaging with unique qualities and characteristics. Besides being child resistant packaging, they also have tamper-evident features to ensure maximum protection for both the products and consumers.

The best part about our Edibles Packaging is their ease of customization. With the right design, you can turn these bad boys into captivating packaging. This can help establish your market position, thus driving sales in the long run. Here’s what you can get from our store.

Moreover, the packaging are available in different sizes, so you can be sure of finding the exact product you’re looking for.

In summary, 16-dram pill containers are a must-have for businesses operating in the herb industry. Be sure to invest in these flower packaging to give your products the best protection and a prolonged shelf life.

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