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2 Piece Grinders

Our selection of 2 Piece Grinders ensures a smooth grind every time, enhancing the smoking experience of your customers. Available at economical wholesale prices, these grinders are an essential accessory for any smoke shop.

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2 Piece Grinder 

Grinders come in many shapes and sizes, from industrial-grade shredders to three-piece grinders with crystal catchers. However, sometimes it’s unnecessary to have all the additional features, which is why a 2 piece grinder section is a must-have for any head shop or dispensary.

Many cannabis smokers look for simplicity when it comes to their accessories. Though it’s always lovely to have elaborate showpieces, a 2 part grinder gets the job done efficiently. It’s one of the most commonly available grinders for weed on the market that smokers can find at places like gas stations and corner stores.

What Is A 2 Piece Grinder

The purpose of any 2 part grinder is to shred the cannabis so it can burn properly, whether in a joint or a bowl. It’s a significant step above using scissors or a knife, mainly since it contains the bud when it’s becoming ground. Grinding weed is a crucial process that helps keep the bits of weed even for smooth burns.

The 2 piece grinder emphasizes simplicity with cannabis accessories. As the name suggests, only two parts make up this contraption. Though many of the new variations have plenty of different features, like kief catchers on 4 piece weed grinders, the 2 stage grinder only has one compartment where the cannabis buds go through the teeth and turn into a fine, ground form.


The 2 piece weed grinder is a must-have for any smoker. It’s a perfect accessory for its portability and discreteness.

What Type Of 2 Piece Grinder Is Available?

A 2 stage cannabis grinder is available in many sizes that suit everyone’s needs. More importantly, they are available in various materials for every type of grinder.


Weed grinders made of metal are easily the most trusted, even if they might be a bit heavier. In any case, metal weed grinders are durable, secure, and can withstand extensive use. The teeth are sharp and adequately bit each bud until they’re in a perfect ground form to roll up or pack in a bong.


A plastic weed grinder will get the job done, though it might not have the durability of a metal grinder. Plastic grinders for weed are an affordable cop for any dispensary. Their low prices for bulk purchases make them highly profitable while remaining affordable for your customers. Since they are widely available and cost-efficient, smokers love using a plastic 2 piece herb grinder to grind their weed.


It’s not uncommon to find wood grinders on the market, though they aren’t always typical. The 2 piece grinder made of wood provides a cool aesthetic that is incredibly discrete. Plus, they are a perfect option for grinding up weed.

Where To Buy 2 Piece Grinders?

For all of your cannabis needs, Marijuana Packaging has your back. We are the leading cannabis packaging and accessories brand, emphasizing the customer experience. Whether you’re looking for dispensary packaging or grinders to add to your inventory, MJP will ensure that you find exactly what you need.

Our collection of 2 piece grinders contain excellent options for any smoker. Biodegradable thick wall grinders provide customers with an eco-friendly opportunity that can shred any nug into finely ground cannabis. Then, we have an assortment of plastic grinders in various colours.

Marijuana Packaging offers customization options for many of our products for many products on our website. You can get your logo emblazoned onto a customizable weed grinder. Our in-house designers can whip up a logo and help make each of your products pop. This option is excellent for smoke shops but for any cannabis company looking to elevate its branding with grinders.

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