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90 Dram Pop Top Bottles

Elevate your packaging offerings with our range of child-resistant and tamper-evident 2 ounce Mylar bags, trusted for wholesale 420 packaging.


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90 Dram Pop Top Bottle

Get All the Details About 90 Dram Pop Top Bottles

Looking for the right containers to fit large balls of flowers into? Try using 90 dram pop top bottles. These huge containers are made for businesses to sell large amounts of herb products to customers in one parcel.

Drams reflect the size of the container itself, but in terms of quantity, a 90-dram bottle easily holds about 28 grams or an ounce of herbs. If you have customers interested in buying their products in bulk, you should get these containers in wholesale quantity and start packaging for them.

The most interesting features of pop top bottles are the caps. To get them open, you have to apply pressure to two points just below the lid till the cap pops open. This opening mechanism is not just exciting, it also has functional benefits for flower packaging. These are some reasons why businesses choose these bottles:

  • Easy to Use
  • Compliant with packaging regulations
  • Attractive Build
  • Airtight Cap
  • Smell Proof

In terms of compliance, pop-top bottles are built with child resistant packaging. Even though popping a bottle open by pressing two sides sounds easy for you as an adult, it is difficult for a children under 5 years to figure out.

Eco-Friendly Pop Top Bottles for Herbs

The sustainable packaging trend is sweeping every industry, and you can stay ahead of it by using PCR pop top bottles. PCR here means ‘Post Consumer Recycled’. These bottles were made of material from containers that were disposed of for recycling by previous users. By using these sustainable bottles, you are reducing your business’s carbon footprint and contributing to saving the environment.

Furthermore, with consumers’ interest in patronising eco-friendly brands, you can brand your business as an eco-friendly one by using PCR bottles for packaging. Eco-conscious consumers will choose your greens over non-sustainable brands and you will also be saving our planet. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Even though the bottles are recycled, they are still as durable as you need them to be. Also, all the other features that make pop bottles popular, like airtight sealing and child resistance, are on these containers, too. Whatever your business goals are, these bottles can comfortably be used for herbs, concentrates, or edibles packaging.

Introducing Pollen Gear Standard Pop Top Bottles

You can’t go wrong with herb packaging when you use Pollen Gear bottles. Pollen Gear is known for producing mylar bags, jars with caps, and different types of packaging containers that buyers can rely one. So when you get Pollen Gear bottles, you are getting the same quality guarantee that is on all their other products.

These bottles are a blend of sustainability, attractiveness, durability, and most importantly, compliance. They have all the important features to look out for in a herb packaging container and their solid reputation is all the assurance you need.

Pollen Gear bottles are available in different shapes, textures, and sizes. For instance, you can get both transparent and opaque bottles here, and if you like glossy bottles, you can easily buy them wholesale here.

Concluding Remarks on Using 90 Dram Pop Top Bottles

Buyers who prefer to buy in bulk like their herbs to come in big containers like the 90 Drams pop top bottles. If you get them here, you have a variety of options to look through to select the one that matches your business interests perfectly. To make it better, even though they come in different shapes, sizes, and brands, they are all solid, quality bottles with all the essential flower packaging features.

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