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Explore our extensive collection of caps, designed to fit jars, tubes, and containers of various shapes and sizes. Engineered for a secure seal, these caps not only ensure your products stay fresh but also contribute to a polished, professional look. The best part? These come at fantastic wholesale prices to help manage your budget.


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Child Resistant | Smooth Push Down & Turn Flat Plastic Caps for Glass Tube w/ Foam Liner | 18mm - Bamboo Wood - 400 Count - 1Child Resistant | Smooth Push Down & Turn Flat Plastic Caps for Glass Tube w/ Foam Liner | 18mm - Bamboo Wood - 400 Count - 2

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Child Resistant | Flat Push Down & Turn Plastic Caps w/ Foam Liner | 53mm - Redwood - 120 Count - 1Child Resistant | Flat Push Down & Turn Plastic Caps w/ Foam Liner | 53mm - Redwood - 120 Count - 2

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Child Resistant | Flat Push Down & Turn Plastic Caps w/ Foam Liner | 53mm - Bamboo Wood - 120 Count - 1Child Resistant | Flat Push Down & Turn Plastic Caps w/ Foam Liner | 53mm - Bamboo Wood - 120 Count - 2

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Child Resistant | Smooth Flat Push Down & Turn Plastic Caps w/ Foam Liner | 50mm - Maple Wood - 100 Count - 1Child Resistant | Smooth Flat Push Down & Turn Plastic Caps w/ Foam Liner | 50mm - Maple Wood - 100 Count - 2

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Jar Lids for Sale

Finding the appropriate jar lids for sale has become essential in the marijuana industry. This is largely due to the stringent cannabis laws that were put in place to reinforce compliance among industry participants. Thankfully, the majority of businesses abide by these guidelines.

Apart from the legal concerns, it’s equally important to factor in elements such as recyclability, durability, and affordability when you buy jar lids. This will give you the assurance that your purchase is worthwhile.

As the sector continues to grow, the demand for cannabis packaging items is also skyrocketing. In any business environment, creativity is the ingredient that distinguishes a good business from a great one. Thus, cultivators and dispensary owners alike face the challenge of creating a unique brand for themselves.

How a company handles its kush packaging can determine whether it will be successful in the long run or not. The same is true for growers and processors.

Finding a jar cap on the market can be tricky. Size, lifespan, and product type; all these are factors that will influence how you buy jar lids. Let us guide you through plastic caps and closures to make things a little easier.

Jar Cap Facts That Can Help Your Cannabis Business

It is estimated that the global market for plastic jar lids will hit $82.3 billion by 2026. Driven by growth in the healthcare, food, and now cannabis industries, jar closures play a huge role in the implementation of strict legal requirements. Evidently, this has significantly improved the potency of kush in the cannabis community.

The development of the marijuana industry has ushered in novel ideas and grand inventions in the sector. These changes have ultimately impacted how people buy jar lids. Growers and dispensary owners have witnessed first-hand how these developments improve the shelf life of cannabis. Truly, the importance of jar closures cannot be overemphasized.

Being a tailored extension of jars, lids are a vital component of storage especially when it comes to flower packaging. Before placing your order for bulk caps wholesale, it’s important to choose your jar caps based on the following criteria:

  • Cap type
  • Cap size
  • The type of finishing
  • The type of threading
  • Material
  • Color

Whether you are planning on buying screw lid or any other type of closure, the points mentioned above can help make the purchasing process efficient.

Jar Caps for Sale and Compliance

The Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 was imposed to curb the high number of accidents that arise from children ingesting hazardous medicinal and household products. Given the sensitive nature of marijuana products, child proof packaging has become mandatory especially in the US. Hence, you shouldn’t purchase jar lids on the grounds of aesthetics alone, but safety as well.

Although made with the same purpose – to protect the contents of your container – plastic caps and closures have been crafted differently to cater to various needs. You need to know the type of closure that works best for your product. Screw lids are primarily easy to use. They work by twisting the cap in the direction of the threading to either open or close.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Caps for Jars

Given the sheer number of online wholesale stores, it’s quite easy to fall victim to buying substandard jar lids for sale. To avoid this, you should consider the following.


Purchasing jar caps wholesale presents unique challenges; large orders have zero room for error. Before buying bulk jar lids for sale, have an in-depth understanding of what those particular items are. Ascertain their quality and durability. You can opt to buy a few sample items to check their quality before buying a large number of wholesale products.

Security and Tamper Evident

Security is another important factor to consider when buying jar caps wholesale. Tamper evident closure is great when it comes to offering safety. They are very convenient especially when used with threaded jars. This makes them very effective for storing both medicinal and recreational cannabis.

The child resistant element helps in providing safety for young ones, thus averting any danger that might be lurking. Shrink bands are also a great option for temper evident compliance. Not all jar lids for sale have safety features; so, ensure you acquire items that are compliant.

Service Delivery

Establishing a long-term relationship is a major component for success in any business. For this reason, choose to work with a wholesale store that has exceptional services. You can also get incredible deals on jar lids bulk when you stick with a professional wholesaler. In case of any eventuality, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Safety Regulations Relating To Plastic Caps and Closures in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is among the most regulated sectors in the United States. The strict operating guidelines extend to packaging cannabis.

Marijuana laws tend to vary depending on the state. It’s because the legalization of cannabis is mostly done on a state level as opposed to the federal level. This can influence how you buy jar lids bulk.

Ensure you are familiar with state cannabis laws especially when you are outsourcing your products from a different location. In essence, marijuana companiesare required to stay informed on cannabis laws to avoid unforeseen litigations.

Among the states that have legalized weed, California is considered to be the strictest when it comes to cannabis regulations. While marijuana can be packaged by growers, distributors, or manufacturers, they should always ensure that their products are properly labeled.

Most of these industry participants opt to purchase bulk plastic caps. This allows businesses to have sufficient stock. Purchasing bulk jar caps for sale is a brilliant way of ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Pressure Sensitive liners are some of the most commonly used tamper evident materials in the industry. They fit very well with plastic jar caps, and add a touch of professionalism to your business. Tamper evident materials help in assuring your customers that the products they purchase are not interfered with. When purchasing jar caps for sale, it’s important to ascertain whether they also come with any tamper evident materials.

Using pressure sensitive inliners is relatively easy. Simply insert the pressure seals on the roof of plastic screw top lids. Ensure they are properly fit before closing the jars. That’s it! The seal usually takes approximately four hours to stick properly.

Different Cap Sizes That Offer Safety and Security

There are a variety of jar lids for sale that offer optimum safety for young ones. A screw top lid is usually referenced using two numbers; these include the cap diameter (in millimeter) and the glass packaging institute (GPI). Thus, a 33/400 cap size means it has a diameter that measures 33 mm and can fit on a container that is made with a 400 GPI thread finish.

A 22/400 cap size is among the most popular in the industry; they also have a different safety mechanism.

There are numerous online wholesale stores that sell a smooth, as well as a ribbed, push and turn cap. The 28/400 cap is among the most prevalent items since they offer a sleek, compliant packaging.

Why You Should Consider Buying Jar Lids Bulk

Cheap jars with lids are very essential in the cannabis community; their ability to retain the potency of marijuana has made them very popular. Constant development and innovation of the jar cap has helped to improve the lifespan of kush significantly.

There’s no shortage of storage materials in this industry; however, the jar cap is among the best items since they provide a controlled environment for cannabis. This makes them more effective than Mylar bags.

There are numerous reasons why you should consider buying jar caps for sale in bulk. You stand to gain a lot in terms of monetary value. That aside; caps for jars reduce the negative effects of external factors such as UV light, extreme temperatures, and humidity. This allows marijuana to be in optimum storage condition without the risk of undergoing chemical changes.

Buying jar lids bulk can be a costly affair when done incorrectly. Before purchasing your goods, ensure you perform the following analysis.

  • Will the jar lids align with the future needs of your business?
  • Are the items among the fast-selling products or will they likely take time before being bought?
  • Is there any promotional pricing when you buy the jar lids bulk?
  • What would be your resale value of the items?

Not only will these four factors help you to get the best jar lids bulk, but they will also enable you to purchase them at unbeatable prices.

Why The Push and Turn Cap Is Worth Buying

The push and turn cap is one of the most secure types of jar lid on the market. They can be used to cover a variety of products including vials, oval bottles, and vape cartridge containers. Given their wide variety of use, the push and turn cap is available in different sizes.

There are a plethora of jar lids for sale on the market. So, what makes these particular closures exceptional? To answer this question, you have to understand the technology behind the jar cap. These closures have an incredible safety feature – for you to access the content stored within, you have to apply pressure downwards and turn the cap to open.

The 53/400 cap size has been designed to fit bottles that have a capacity of 2-4 oz. Furthermore, these caps may have an imprint of clear, simple instructions which help your customers access their kush with ease. If you have large storage containers, the 89/400 cap is the most ideal to buy.

Why the Screw Lid is Considered The Most Convenient Jar Cap

Screw top jar lids are some of the most resourceful items in the industry. Made with a simple yet captivating design; they are easily replaceable and can be used for covering jars that lack lids in your dispensary. The screw cap lid can be used on different jar cap sizes; however, 53/400 is the most commonly used cap size in the industry.

The coverings are available in plastic and metal, which makes them cost-effective, robust, and long-lasting.

There are a variety of jar screw lids on our online store for products such as concentrate containers and glass reagent lab bottles. The closures are priced differently due to their varied use. Additionally, they are more fairly priced than jar caps for sale at other wholesale stores. You can also buy screw lids for jars of different colors.

How To Choose Jar Caps For Sale For Recreational & Medical Marijuana

The discovery of the therapeutic effects of marijuana has been a game-changer for the cannabis industry. Still, you have to bear in mind that medical marijuana is managed a little differently than recreational marijuana. However, mmj packaging is mostly the same in both instances, with some differences.

Dispensary owners and growers who deal with medical and recreational marijuana often find it hard to choose the most appropriate packaging and glass jar cap. Given the rapid growth of medical and recreational marijuana, the 70/400 cap dimension is worth having as a business owner. This is because you will be stocking large amounts of cannabis due to the high demand for medicinal products.

If your business doesn’t handle large orders, then the 38/400 cap would be a great alternative for your store.

In the cannabis community, every detail matters. So, if you choose a particular item over another, ensure that you have a valid reason for your pick. With the number of cannabis businesses increasing by the day, it’s in your best interest to find a unique style. This helps in establishing a solid market positioning.

For instance, If you like using glass jars over plastic, you can choose to use black jar caps. They are very effective in making the contents of your glass look more appealing.

Marijuana Packaging Requirements

There are several different guidelines that marijuana sellers have to observe and adhere to. The packaging of the products should be done in a way that doesn’t appeal to minors. Ideally, you should avoid using cartoons, celebrities who are used to promote various kids products, or even fruity fun looking designs.

Plastic caps and closures that are child proof caps or resealable are the ones that can be re-used. Federal law demands a number of compliance regulations, including tamper evident containers. Nevertheless, some guidelines vary depending on the state you reside in. As mentioned earlier, cannabis business owners in California face much stricter laws than some other states.

Buying Lids Wholesale For Your Marijuana Dispensary

When you are looking for the appropriate wholesale store to buy jar caps for sale, it’s important to choose a seller that shares the same values as your business. Finding such a firm can enhance good relationships and foster long-term success.

Aside from that, the caps and lids you are purchasing should also coincide with the general theme of your store. You want every customer walking into your store to notice the contrast between your dispensary and that of your competition.

The majority of dispensaries prefer to use black jar lids. They do provide great aesthetics; however, you should consider diversifying and going for a variety of colors. Adding a white jar cap to your selection can be a worthy investment after all. It can help break the monotony and the norm of conforming to single-colored caps for jars.

Organizing Your Purchases for Plastic Caps and Closure

Before you buy jar lids for your marijuana dispensary, you need to be thorough, deliberate, and accurate with your purchasing plan. There are many advantages of buying these goods in large orders.

Consider the following: ordering the right amount of jar lids bulk can save you carriage cost while taking advantage of bulk discounts.

Still, you should be careful not to overstock products. Thus, you need to strike an equilibrium to maximize your profits. Some of the things that should guide you when buying bulk include:

Business Needs

As the business owner, ensure you have a decent jar cap supply. You should avoid overstocking, as it will diminish your working capital which will minimize your growth potential.

Customer Needs

On the other hand, to avoid the inconsistency of not having enough items you should keep a reasonable supply of plastic caps and closures. It will communicate reliability to your clients. Ultimately, this will go a long way in developing a long, healthy relationship with them.

Final Thoughts On Jar Caps for Sale

Although a cap is an important factor, you also have to make sure you are buying the best cannabis jars. You can trust Marijuana Packaging to deliver the best of both. Make sure to keep cap size, cap type, material, finish, and color in mind when browsing jar lids for sale!

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