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Cheap Glass Pipes

Our cheap glass pipes offer a combination of affordability and quality. With an array of unique designs to choose from, these pipes promise a satisfying smoking experience at an unbeatable price.


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Frit Bubbler | 4.5in Tall - Glass - Rasta - 1Frit Bubbler | 4.5in Tall - Glass - Rasta - 2
Frit Bubbler

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Frit Spoon Hand Pipe w/ Knocker | 4in Long - Glass - Milky Pink - 1Frit Spoon Hand Pipe w/ Knocker | 4in Long - Glass - Milky Pink - 2
Frit Spoon Hand Pipe w/ Knocker
Milky Pink

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Marley Natural | Wide Flat Spoon Hand Pipe w/ Thick Base | 4.5in Long - Glass - Black Walnut - 1Marley Natural | Wide Flat Spoon Hand Pipe w/ Thick Base | 4.5in Long - Glass - Black Walnut - 2

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Marley Natural | Hammer Glass Bubbler w/ Thick Base | 4.5in Tall - Glass - SmokeMarley Natural | Hammer Glass Bubbler w/ Thick Base | 4.5in Tall - Glass - Smoke
Marley Natural Hammer Glass Bubbler w/ Thick Base

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Marley Natural | Hammer Glass Bubbler w/ Thick Base | 5.5in Tall - 14mm Bowl - Black Walnut - 1Marley Natural | Hammer Glass Bubbler w/ Thick Base | 5.5in Tall - 14mm Bowl - Black Walnut - 2

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Cheap Glass Pipes

Finding cheap glass pipes can be challenging, but we’re here to make it easy. Whether you’re shopping at your local smoke shop, or your favorite online smoke shop, knowing what to look for makes all the difference.

As a smoker, you already know that cheap weed pipes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. From glass bubblers and water pipes to chillums, sherlock pipes, and everything in between -- there’s no shortage of options.

Naturally, that leaves one big question: How do you choose the best glass pipe for you?

It all depends on what kind of smoking experience you want. Maybe you prefer pipes that are compact and portable, so you can bring them on the road. Or you might prefer a smoother, cooler smoke that only certain types of pipes can offer. It’s all about choosing the right glass pipe for the job, which we’ll go over in the next few sections.

If you have that much figured out, you’re already halfway there. Now, it’s just a matter of deciding which glass smoking pipes meet your needs.

So keep reading to learn a few quick tips for finding the best cheap glass pipes on the market. We break down everything you need to know about buying cheap weed pipes online, from understanding the different types and how they work, to where to find them.


What Are Cheap Glass Pipes?

Believe it or not, cheap glass smoking pipes are one of the newer innovations in the world of smoking -- they haven’t always been “the standard”. Before the days of cheap glass pipes, the cannabis community used a variety of methods to burn their favorite herbs. And we’re not talking a couple of decades ago, we’re talking centuries. According to historical records, reports of cannabis use date all the way back to the third millennium B.C.E.

Back then, glass blowing was just an idea waiting to be discovered. Especially since glass was expensive and rare during those times, and mostly used for art and jewelry.

So in order to craft cheap herb pipes, historical smokers used the most accessible materials they had at the time. Materials that mostly included clay, stone, and wood. In fact, the very first cheap herb pipes originated out of Asia, in the form of clay chillums. From there, chillums gained increasing popularity, continuing to spread throughout the world for years to come.

This is why some of the most common ways to smoke before glass pipes, included:

  • Clay Pipes
  • Wooden Pipes
  • Stone Pipes
  • Corn Pipes
  • Coconut Pipes

Essentially, anything that could be shaped into cheap tobacco pipes and smoked out of, would be. That is until we learned what glassblowing was. From there, it was only a matter of time before glass blowers everywhere started crafting their own cheap glass weed pipes and cheap tobacco pipes for sale.

Now, glass pipes serve as one of the most common and popular methods for smoking throughout the cannabis community. And here at Marijuana Packaging, you can find a wide selection of cheap pretty pipes, all thanks to the creativity and passion of innovative glass blowers far and wide.


What Type Of Cheap Weed Pipes Are Available?

When it comes to buying cheap smoking pipes for weed, there are plenty of options. But what you choose depends entirely on what you enjoy, and the type of smoking experience you want.

Some bowls and pipes work best when you’re on the go and just want a quick toke. While others work better for the more laid-back, group smoke sessions.

So let’s do a quick rundown of the cheap weed pipes that are available to you.

1. Pipes Under $10

2. Pipes Under $25

3. Pipes Under $50

4. Pipes Under $100

Glass Pipes

Glass pipes stand as one of the most popular methods for smoking weed and tobacco. They feature a rounded bubble at one end that contains a bowl, attached to a long hollow chamber that serves as the mouthpiece.

The majority of glass pipes are hand-blown by artisans, which makes no two pipes exactly the same. For this reason, many pipes feature patterns or shapes in their designs. Glass blowers create these designs by fusing bubbles of colored glass into clear glass, or by weaving heated strands of colored glass together.

For smokers who want a compact, easy-to-use piece that offers a warm yet soothing smoke, cheap glass smoking pipes are best for the job. And you can find plenty of cheap glass pipes for sale right here at Marijuana Packaging.

How are color-changing pipes made?

To make color-changing glass pipes, glassblowers pass metal vapors directly through the glass as it’s being shaped. As the glass cools, the metal vapors get trapped inside, adding a light tint to the glass. And over time through regular use, resin and tar collect inside the inner walls of the pipe, which creates a dark background that accents the metal vapor tint, producing a “color-changing” effect which we call fuming.

While a color-changing pipe may sound like more of an expensive, premium item, you’ll be happy to know that several cheap marijuana pipes include this popular feature.

What are spoon pipes?

Spoon pipes are just smaller glass pipes with a carb hole on the side of the bowl. For reference, most glass pipes you come across qualify as spoon pipes.

If you’re looking for cheap spoon pipes, or just cheap hand pipes in general, you’ll find plenty to choose from in our collection. They serve as some of the best cheap bowls for smoking thanks to their low price, convenience, and effectiveness.

Water Pipes

Since they’re larger and diffuse the smoke you inhale through water, water pipes provide a smoother and cooler toke than glass pipes can.

To use a water pipe, fill the base halfway with water, pack the bowl, spark it, and pull. From here, depending on what type of water pipe you have, there are two ways to clear the hit. As you inhale, you can use the carb located on the chamber to quickly draw in the smoke, or you can pull out the bowl for a similar effect.


Bubblers look and work similarly to glass pipes with one BIG difference: they diffuse the smoke through water before it’s inhaled -- much like water pipes. This added level of filtration helps remove a lot of the harsh taste that comes from tar and resin, creating a much smoother toke.

The main features that set bubblers apart from regular glass pipes are their extra deep bowls and glass down stems. The space beneath the bowl where the down stem sits usually stretches down about two to three times deeper than regular pipes. This allows you to fill the bubbler with a little bit of cold or warm water, at which point it then functions as a mini water pipe.

As you light the bowl and inhale, smoke flows through the down stem and into the water, cooling down before it travels up the chamber, through the mouthpiece, and into your lungs.

For smokers who desire the compact portability of glass pipes, but love a smooth and cooler smoke, bubblers are the perfect option.

Metal Pipes

How many times have you owned a beautiful glass pipe, just to watch it tragically shatter into pieces during one fateful smoke sesh? With metal pipes, you NEVER have to worry about that.

Metal pipes sport almost all of the same features as glass pipes, without any of the fragility. So no matter how many times you forget it’s on your lap, knock it off the table, or just plain drop it, you’re still good -- metal smoking pipes can take a beating.

That said, one of the biggest trade-offs with metal pipes versus glass pipes comes from the material itself: the metal. Some cheaper metals can produce harmful toxins when heated up, which is the LAST thing you want when you’re smoking.

This is why when you buy a metal pipe for smoking, it’s VERY important to know what kind of metal it’s made out of. For the best results, we recommend choosing titanium pipes. In terms of taste, titanium metal pipes produce a soothing and warm toke that’s similar to glass pipes, without any of the harmful added toxins produced by low-quality metals.

For smokers who crave the reliability and portability of glass pipes, but need more durability than glass can provide, metal pipes take the cake.

Silicone Pipes

If metal pipes appeal to you, and durability is especially important, consider buying a silicone pipes. They look and function just like a regular glass weed pipe, but with two major differences:

Silicone smoking pipes feature:

  • A flexible, shock resistant, and shatterproof frame made of silicone
  • A removable glass bowl for added portability and convenience

So just like metal pipes, even if you drop a silicone pipe or forget it’s in your lap, it will never shatter. Instead, it’ll just bounce around playfully for a split second or two, thanks to the shockproof silicone material. On that note, for smokers who are tired of seeing their beautiful glass pipes broken into pieces, silicone pipes are the answer.

Wooden Pipes

Wooden pipes were once the preferred method for smoking long ago because of the natural flavors they added to the taste of each toke. Since wooden cheap hand pipes were easy to make and convenient, it’s no wonder why they were so widely used.

But as the pure and untainted taste provided by glass pipes became more popular, wooden pipes took a back seat. But, they never quite left the scene.

These days you can still find a healthy selection of wooden weed pipes that also work great as cheap tobacco pipes. For smokers who enjoy traditional glass pipes, but want to add a little extra flavor and style to their smoke sesh, wooden pipes fit the bill.

Sherlock Pipes

Do you ever just wake up and want to feel like one of Britain’s greatest fictional private detectives of all time?

Or get that itch to lead a bunch of courageous hobbits through the treacherous and unyielding depths of Middle Earth?

If you do, then a Sherlock pipe, or Gandalf pipe, might be the perfect choice for you.

But on a more serious note, maybe you DON'T want to be a detective or wizard, and you just like the distinct, classy look that all Sherlock pipes sport. Sherlock pipes appear as modified versions of the already popular glass pipe, but with one significant difference: an extra-long neck, or chamber.

The elongated neck of a Sherlock pipe creates a longer path for the smoke you inhale to travel through. This gives it more time to cool down, which leads to a smoother and less harsh smoke.

For smokers who want to spice up their sesh and add a little bit of elegance and flair to their daily smoke pipe, a sherlock pipe stands as an excellent choice. And they also work great as cheap tobacco pipes for those who enjoy spliff bowls.


Consider chillums as the godfather of all smoking pipes, because they essentially are. As we mentioned earlier, clay chillums were one of the first pipes that originated out of Asia during BC times. And to this day, they’re still widely used to smoke herbs across the globe.

The name of the game for chillums is “efficiency”. Think of them as giant one-hitters, where there’s simply a hollow glass tube with a mouthpiece on one end, and a bowl on the other. To smoke with a chillum, smokers need only pack the bowl, tilt up the pipe, spark up, and inhale.

However, smokers should note that chillums may be considered a veteran smoker’s pipe since they don’t include a carburetor. Carburetors, or carb holes, (normally featured on glass pipes and water pipes) allow users to quickly inhale smoke by pulling in fresh air through a small hole. Because of this, most chillums are designed for short but heavy puffs, where the entire bowl is usually cleared in a few tokes.

If you’re ready to make an impact with this retro glass pipe, you can find a great selection of cheap chillums right here at Marijuana Packaging.

Novelty Pipes

Ever seen a Pickle Rick glass pipe at your local head shop? That’s what’s called a novelty pipe.

In short, anything that deviates from the traditional shape of a glass pipe falls under the category of novelty pipes.

If you browse through our selection of affordable pipes, you’ll find everything from donut and banana-shaped pipes, to elephant, skull, snake, and even lipstick-shaped pipes. There’s really no limit to how whacky novelty pipes can get.

For smokers who want all the features of classic glass pipes, but want to stand out with an unforgettable piece, novelty pipes are the way to go.


Does My Head Shop Need Cheap Smoking Pipes?

Absolutely. Cheap smoking pipes are the bread and butter of any good smoke shop, no matter where you are.

While it’s definitely important for smoke shops and head shops to carry a vast selection of top-quality products, it’s just as important to carry affordable pipes as well.

Because if you’re eager to smoke a fresh bag of herb, and need to grab something quickly to smoke it with, odds are, you’re not buying a premium $500 water pipe. Instead, you’re probably heading straight to the inexpensive pipes. The cheap weed pipes.

Why? Because they’re easy to use, easy to find, and affordable. And they get the job done. Plus, they’re easy to replace if you ever lose or break them (can’t say the same about that $500 water pipe).

For these reasons, it’s nearly impossible to walk into any smoke shop and not see a healthy selection of cheap wholesale glass pipes. Everyone from newcomers to veteran smokers uses them, and good smoke shop owners know this.

A cheap glass bowl pipe offers a reliable and consistent way to smoke your favorite herbs, without making you break the bank. They’re lightweight, portable, and incredibly user-friendly for newcomers. And with the variety of cheap smoking pipes that exist, you’ll never struggle to find a pipe with an aesthetic that suits you. From cartoon novelty pipes and bubblers to cheap spoon pipes and the infamous Sherlock pipe, there’s sure to be a style that you love.


    Can I Get Custom Cheap Smoking Pipes?

    Want to buy cheap pipes that are unlike any other? Bowls and pipes that are one of a kind, and can’t be found anywhere else? If you’re searching for unique, high-quality smoking pipes, you’ll find hundreds of options here at Marijuana Packaging.

    We carry a wide range of cool glass pipes for cheap that includes everything from pop culture-inspired pieces, to glow in the dark and color-changing pipes. So no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find a cheap glass pipe that fits your needs and personality. And if you’re looking for cheap tobacco pipes, you’ll find them here too.

    Our selection of cheap wholesale glass pipes and inexpensive pipes includes:

    • Glass Pipes
    • Bubblers
    • Water Pipes
    • Chillums
    • Metal Pipes
    • Wooden Pipes
    • Novelty Pipes

    But if you still can’t find quite what you're looking for, then consider ordering a custom glass pipe from Marijuana Packaging. That’s right, if you have a unique design in mind for your next glass pipe, we’ll make it for you -- carefully crafted to your specifications and 100% unique to you.

    From color and shape to unique features like decorative notches, grips, and thumb rests, we’ve got you covered. Your custom glass pipe will match your personality, and reflect your unique style and taste. And with an exclusive, one-of-a-kind pipe that can’t be found anywhere else, you’ll be the envy of all your stoner friends.


    Where Can I Buy Cheap Glass Pipes Wholesale?

    If you’re looking for cheap glass pipes online, you’ll find a huge selection here at Marijuana Packaging. Whether you need the perfect bubbler, chillum, or hand-blown glass bowl, there are plenty of cool cheap pipes to choose from.

    Usually, in order to get a good price for cheap wholesale glass pipes, you have to buy them in bulk. And we’re not talking three or four pipes, we're talking at least 50, minimum. So unless you run a head shop or online smoke shop, that’s just not something you’re likely to do -- it’s too expensive. Luckily, that’s where we come in to hook you up.

    We make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for in our online head shop. You can browse by category if you’re looking for something specific like a water pipe or bubbler. Or you can broaden your search, and browse our selection based on color, price, brand, material, and even glass clarity.

    Cheap Glass Pipes - The Bottom Line

    Our inventory of cheap marijuana pipes and pipe accessories gives you plenty to choose from while helping you stay within budget. At your average local smoke shop, most cheap pipes start at around $20 minimum. But here at Marijuana Packaging, you can shop for cheap marijuana pipes for less than five dollars. And the bowls and pipes we carry feature the same level of quality and durability that you get from pipes at four times the cost.

    So if you want affordable pipes that stand out, work great, and impress, check out our selection of cheap glass pipes for sale.

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