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Clear Pop Top Bottles - Child Resistant & Tamper Evident

Combine safety and visibility with our Clear Pop Top Bottles. These child-resistant and tamper-evident bottles are perfect for showcasing your products while maintaining their security.

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One of the best, if not the best, packaging solution in the marijuana packaging industry. These tamper-evident, child-resistant pop tops eliminate the need for shrink bands, heat guns, and tedious manual labor; saving you time and money. There is no better way to meet both ASTM standards and CPSC child-resistant certification requirements than with these pop top vials.

Whether you are storing medical marijuana or recreational marijuana, these pop tops keep your products odor-free and fresh thanks to its airtight and moisture resistant features. Don’t miss out on these high-demand and multi-functional pop tops. Dispensary businesses all agree that these are cost-effective, child-proof, tamper-evident, and highly popular among their dispensary packaging supplies. No doubt, they'll be popping off your selves. 

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