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CONES + SUPPLY | King Size Pre-Rolled Cones | 109mm - Classic White Paper - 800 Count


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Cones + Supply


King Size (109mm)


White Paper







child resistance



Tap into the demand for convenience and quality in the cannabis market with Cones + Supply's white paper king size pre-rolled cones. This product effortlessly blends reliability with ease of use, creating an indispensable tool for pre-roll brands and producers in the cannabis industry.

These pre-rolled cones are a breeze to fill, taking the hassle out of the rolling process. This means faster production times, enabling your brand to meet the growing demand of consumers seeking the convenience of pre-rolls. The 26mm filter tip length ensures a smooth, even burn for a superior smoking experience.

Let's not forget about the versatility these cones offer. They're compatible with an extensive range of packaging products. Whether it's pre-roll tubes, joint boxes, or any other packaging you prefer, these cones will fit perfectly. The flexibility of these cones opens the door to an array of branding and packaging options, giving you more creative control over how your products are presented.

Here's a closer look at what Cones + Supply's white paper king size pre-rolled cones bring to the table:

  • Easy-to-fill design for efficient production
  • Compatible with a variety of packaging products such as pre-roll tubes and joint boxes
  • Wholesale prices for cost-effective solutions
  • Ideal for packing 1 gram of cannabis flower
  • Filter tip length of 26mm for smooth burning

The wholesale prices offered by Cones + Supply also make these pre-rolled cones a cost-effective solution. This allows you to deliver quality to your customers without straining your budget. The cones are optimized for holding precisely 1 gram of cannabis flower, making them the perfect choice for standard pre-roll products.

In the evolving world of cannabis, brands and producers need to leverage the right tools to stand out. By choosing Cones + Supply's white paper king size pre-rolled cones, you'll not only be providing quality, but also showcasing your commitment to delivering a superior cannabis experience.

This product is intended for tobacco use only.