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Custom Branded Mylar Bags

Decked with your company logo, our custom branded Mylar bags provide both a robust and aesthetic packaging solution for your products. Crafted to preserve freshness, these bags, available at wholesale rates, become a functional canvas for your brand's identity.


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Custom Branded Mylar Bags

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Custom Mylar Bags

Explore More About Our Custom Mylar Bags

When you want to keep your herbs in robust, aesthetic, and personalized packaging, our Custom Mylar Bags are the best tools for the job. These pouches are the go-to products for storing natural remedies for many reasons. Here are the most significant ones:

  • Smell proof
  • Tamper evident
  • Child resistant mechanisms
  • Provide a barrier against harmful elements

It is evident that packaging significantly influences consumer buying choices. Therefore, capitalize on this by utilizing custom packaging options that resonate with your target audience.

Getting custom mylar bags to match your brand will not only allow you to package your green safely but also ensure you look good doing it. We provide numerous customization options for our mylar pouches. You can select from a range of printing processes like rotogravure and digital print techniques to achieve the look you desire.

Step-By-Step Guide For Creating Custom Mylar Pouches

Step 1: Material Selection

The first step when customizing your mylar bags is picking out an ideal material. There are a few options to choose from:

  • PET: This is the standard material for most mylar pouches
  • Clear PET: This material is used for creating windows on the front or back of your pouches.
  • Kraft: This material combines durable kraft paper and PET or MPET to provide a more natural or organic feel and look to your packaging.

Step 2: Pick Your Size

After finding an ideal material for your pouches, the next step is picking a size. Our custom printed mylar bags come in various sizes to suit different needs. From gram bags to pound bags, we've got you covered. Moreover, we offer custom size bags if you're looking for something more specific.

Step 3: Select a Preferred Closure

One of the most vital components of custom mylar pouches is the design of their closures. Fortunately, there are several closing mechanisms to choose from when personalizing your mylar pouches.

  • Pinch N Slide / Punch N Pull: Stay on top of industry regulations with our child resistant closures. We offer patented child resistant closures, engineered to keep your packaging compliant and young ones safe.
  • Zipper: This closing mechanism allows you to reseal the packaging and keep your products fresh.
  • Straight Edge: This is a single use, tamper evident closure that provides security and protection from unwanted access.

You can also choose to load your green from the top or bottom. Top loading is simple and hassle-free. On the other hand, bottom loading can get the job done. With a heat sealer, the bottom loader keeps your bag closures clean from any unnecessary messiness when loading your products.

Step 4: Choose Add-ons

Once you've selected an ideal closure, it's time to choose appropriate add-ons to make your packaging stand out. Here's what you can add to your custom pouches.

  • Tear notch: Add a tear notch above the closure to ensure your custom bags meet industry requirements for tamper-evident packaging.
  • Gusset: A gusset helps prop up your pouches for better display on shelves.
  • Hang hole: Including a hang hole on your packaging makes it dynamic, allowing you to display it on shelves or peg boards.
  • Rounded corners: Depending on your preference, you can get rectangular or round corners on your bags.
  • Window: Showcase the quality of your green with clear windows on your custom bags. What's cool is you can create uniquely shaped windows that stand out.
  • Die Cut: Use a custom die line to create a uniquely shaped die-cut for your bags. Who says mylar bags have to be rectangular?

Step 5: Pick Your Color and Finish

It's time for the fun part - picking colors, designs, and finishes. Here's where you add your transparent logo design and the final touches for that wow factor. It's also where you choose between a glossy or matte finish. Here are more designs you can add:

  • Spot UV: This adds a gloss coating on certain spots of your bag while leaving other areas matte. It's excellent for use on logos and brand names.
  • Raised Spot UV : The "raised" aspect indicates that the UV coating is not just applied flat but has a thickness to it that rises above the rest of the print surface. This adds a 3D tactile dimension to the print.
  • Hot foil Stamping: This is a relief printing technique in which pre-dried inks or foils are added to the pouches at high temperatures. They are highly reflective and create an excellent contrast.
  • Soft Touch: This is achieved by applying either a soft touch laminate film or a soft touch coating and provides a unique tactile experience.
  • Embossing: Create a unique tactile experience by embossing your custom bags. This creates raised marks on the surface of your packaging.

Discover Other Custom Branded Packaging Products

Apart from our custom mylar pouches, we also offer a wide range of other Custom Branded Packaging. We utilize techniques like rotogravure, pad, screen, and digital printing to help turn your vision into reality.

This personalization opens a door to a new world of packaging possibilities that give your brand the cutting edge. Moreover, we offer a short lead time thanks to our in-house customization.

Here are some of the customized packaging products you can get:

  • Jars and caps
  • Tin containers
  • Glass Tubes
  • Paper tubes
  • Packaging boxes

In conclusion, our personalized packaging products, like custom mylar pouches, are the premier storage solutions for your herbs. Our customization services allow us to offer an end-to-end packaging solution that makes things easier for you. So, turn your packaging vision into reality by customizing your favorite storage products.

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