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Dab Straws

Enjoy your concentrates to the fullest with our dab straws. Easy to use and portable, these straws offer an efficient, direct dabbing experience at fantastic wholesale prices.

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Honey Straw

The best products in the marijuana industry provide some kind of convenience to cannabis consumers. The most successful smoke shops and cheap online head shop businesses sell the most amount of high-quality convenient marijuana products.

They do this by finding out what sells, what's currently popular on the market, and what cannabis products are in the highest demand at the moment. Being educated on those things as well as knowing what the weed community wants and needs is the only way smoke shops are going to be successful in the marijuana industry. And let's be honest, the honey straw is one of those products.

This means that if you didn't already know, you must come to understand that the dab straw is a game-changing product and a must-have for all marijuana companies planning to be successful. That is why in this article we are going to do our best to give you all the information you need to make the best-educated decision on which dab straw will give your online smoke shop or head shop the best chances of succeeding.

Here at Marijuana Packaging, we are going to do our very best in ensuring that you understand the importance of having the honey straw on your shelves and in your inventory.

Think about it this way, people that like to smoke weed definitely like two things, marijuana, and convenience. They want their weed to be as high quality as possible and want to be able to easily enjoy their marijuana experience in the fastest time possible.

Although the dab rig is a great weed product, just like most inventions, upgrades to make an experience more convenient have always been a thing in our society.

Take the T.V for example. It used to be that to turn on your T.V. and change the channel, you would have to get up and manually turn a knob or press a button directly on the television. Can you picture yourself getting up and going to the T.V. every time you want to adjust the volume or find something new to watch bSo as you can imagine, this was extremely inconvenient and something needed to be done.

The convenience of the wireless remote is why it has become a popular product. This same concept applies to the convenience of a dab rig versus the convenience of a honey straw nectar collector. In certain aspects, it's a much more convenient and reliable cannabis product compared to others.  That is why here at Marijuana Packaging,  we are going to explain all the reasons why your business needs to have the glass dab straw.


What Is A Honey Straw?

The honey straw nectar collector is a portable dabber that can be used at home or on the go. The dab straw has two ends. The one end is a mouthpiece that is used for inhaling weed concentrates. The other end of the honey straw is used for heating up and dabbing the weed concentrate. Unlike the dab rig or oil rig, using and transporting the honey straw dab rig is an easier, safer, and much more convenient process.

This is because the dab rig is much bigger than the dab straw. Because the quartz dab straw is smaller than a dab rig or oil rig, it is more convenient to handle and easier to use. That is why the honey straw is the new popular method of smoking weed concentrates instead of using a dab rig or oil rig.

Not to mention inhaling marijuana wax/oil with wax straws is also one of the healthiest ways of smoking weed. This is because using the glass dab straw cancels out all the harmful chemicals that tobacco products (like blunts) come with.


What Types Of Honey Straws Are Available?

Because the cannabis community loves convenience, there are a few types of honey straw for dabs out there available for sale. As a smoke shop or cheap online head shop, this is good news for you. This means that whatever your customers' needs and wants are, you are going to be able to provide them. The perfect hand blown dab straws to sell at your business exists and with the right education, you are going to be able to find exactly what your smoke shop or online smoke shop needs to make a profit. Here are a few options for hand blown dab straws.

Types Of Honey Straws:

  • Full Quartz Nectar Collector Dab Pipe (5in Long-10mm wide-Clear)
  • Urban Dabs Dab Tube For Concentrates (6in long-Glass-Assorted)
  • Assorted Mouthpiece Ringed Dab Straw (6.5in Long-Glass-Clear)

The best part is that you can find all of these cheap dab straws right here on our website Marijuana Packaging!


Does My Business Need Dab Straws?

Yes, your marijuana business needs to buy honey straws, especially at our cheap wholesale prices, and today we are going to explain all the reasons why. One thing that should motivate you to purchase honey straws bulk is that they provide a convenience that is much more effective than a dab rig or oil rig. Since wax straws are more transportable because they are smaller, require less work, and are easier to use, they probably will be replacing dab rigs soon enough.

Another reason your online smoke shop or headshop needs to buy honey straws is that marijuana is a highly profitable industry and it's going to continue to grow into an even larger one. Around the country, cannabis laws are being changed in favor of the medicinal and recreational legalization of marijuana.

That means that not only are current weed smokers your clientele but new marijuana consumers entering the market as well. As marijuana is legalized, many of the people that didn't smoke, because they couldn’t or wouldn’t smoke weed illegally, are now going to be looking for cannabis products to smoke out of.

For every state that legalizes weed medically or recreationally, there is a new demographic of people that can potentially become your customers. These people are going to want the most convenient cannabis products that are easiest to use. Since dabbing is one of the healthiest ways of smoking weed, a lot of people are going to utilize marijuana oil/wax.

This means they are going to need and want dab straw options. So if your online smoke shop or head shop doesn't have them in your inventory and on your shelves, you are missing out on money and you will be losing out on customers. Over time this can lead to your marijuana business shutting down. That is why it is important you invest in glass straw for dabs or your smoke shop or online headshop will not survive much longer in the marijuana industry.


How To Use A Dab Straw

It is very easy to use a honey straw dab. The nectar collector straw is easier to use than rolling a joint or blunt to some people, and you shouldn't be intimidated to use it. Follow these simple directions and using the honey straw nectar collector is going to be a quick and simple process.

Materials You Will Need To Use Wax Straws

  • Heating tool
  • Honey straw for dabs
  • Cannabis concentrate

How To Use Honey Straw Nectar Collector

  1. Place your concentrate, your heating tool, and your honey straw dab on a flat surface. We recommend the RAW rolling tray.
  2. Using your heating tool, heat the end of the glass dab straw that is not the mouthpiece. While heating it, rotate it circularly so the quartz dab straw can have a nice and even burn. Continue to heat for 60 - 90 seconds. Wait 20 seconds for it to cool after heating.
  3. Now your honey straw dabber is ready to be smoked.
  4. Place the heated end of the straight tube dab rig on your concentrate and inhale from the mouthpiece. Done!


Where To Buy Honey Straws Wholesale

Good news. You can buy the honey straw dab at your local smoke shop or cheap online head shop. Just go to Google, and type in “honey straws near me.” While you may find your straw dab online when you search “honey straws near me”, you will not find them for a cheaper price or better quality than on our website!

As leaders in Marijuana Packaging, we recommend that you buy your honey straws wholesale right here with us if you want to buy the dab straw cheap. Because of our price beat guarantee, we can ensure you are getting the highest quality honey straw nectar collector for the cheapest price available delivered to you in the fastest time possible. We know it can be tricky deciding which wholesale products you should invest in but not having straight tube dab rig options available to the cannabis community is a recipe for disaster.

Dab Straw - The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the straight tube dab rig is a popular cannabis product that isn't going away anytime soon. The glass dab straw is going to continue to grow in popularity as weed continues to be legalized medicinally and recreationally.

The best dab straw is the straight tube dab rig and your company is going to need to stock your inventory and shelves with it. Simply put, the nectar collector straw is not a marijuana product that you can afford not to have. Without the honey straw dabber, your head shop or smoke shop online will not be successful, period.

Here at Marijuana Packaging, the quartz dab straw and the glass dab straw options we have available for purchase are the best in the marijuana industry and the cannabis community knows this. Now, so do you!

That is why you must do your head shop or smoke shop a favor and invest in a highly lucrative product like the straight tube dab rig. Because if you don't provide the honey straw dabber, the head shop on the other side of town will. Or, another cheap online head shop will offer the quartz dab straw and they will make the money that you could be making. When you know the nectar collector straw is a highly profitable item now and will continue to be in the future, it doesn't make sense to purposely miss out on this market!

To meet all of your customer's needs and wants we have the best dab straw options other than the glass nectar collector, such as the nectar collector, silicone nectar collector, and the dab tube. If you need to find the best glass straw for dabs then look no further, you're in the right place. All of the glass straw for dabs located on our website are equally reliable cannabis products guaranteed to satisfy your customers and get the job done.

Furthermore, we hope we have successfully explained the crucial importance of your business providing your customers with the quartz dab straw. Now that you understand why your business needs the honey straw dabber and you know where to get it, make sure you get yours today while these affordable prices last!

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