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Nectar Collectors

Unleash the full potential of your concentrates with our nectar collectors. Available in various styles and sizes, these units offer superior flavor and potency, all at affordable wholesale prices.

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Nectar Collector

The nectar collector is the answer to the need for a portable dab rig in the cannabis community. It’s everything that the on-the-go vaper needs to get the job done, all in one neat little package.

Interested in learning about the pros and cons of using a nectar collector? Shopping for a nectar collector kit to add to your...collection? We answer all of your questions and more in this post.

A few benefits of using a nectar collector kit include:

  • Nectars collectors are compact, discrete, and very user friendly
  • Small enough to fit in your bag
  • Less complicated to use than a full-sized dab rig
  • Easy and quick to clean
  • Affordable and easy to replace

At the same time, a nectar collector dab rig comes with a few drawbacks:

  • Both traditional dab rigs and a nectar collector dab rig require a torch to use
  • They’re more complicated to use than glass pipes for weed
  • If dropped on a hard surface, they can easily shatter

In most cases, if you’re looking for an easy way to enjoy dabs on the go, then the pros of using a nectar collector definitely outweigh the cons. And if you’re looking to grab a unique nectar collector kit for yourself today, you can check out our collection at Marijuana Packaging.

Ready to buy a nectar collector kit for yourself? Keep reading to learn all about the different types of nectar collectors, what sets them apart, and where to buy them for the lowest prices. It’s time for you to go from a dabbing novice to a grandmaster of dabs. So stop Googling “nectar collector near me” and rest easy -- we have all the answers and products you need right here.


What Is A Nectar Collector?

A nectar collector dab straw serves as a portable dab rig for vaporizing cannabis concentrates and looks like a small glass chemistry pipette. They sport a vertical, hollowed-out design, hence their nickname, “honey straw nectar collector”. They’re ideal for smokers who want to take dabs on the go but need more portability and convenience than a full-size dab rig can offer.

The body of a nectar collector rig is typically made of either glass or silicone, with the built-in nectar collector tips made of high-grade quartz or titanium. Smokers heat the tips of the nectar collector dab rig with a butane torch until they’re a light red color, then gently graze it over the dabs to vaporize and inhale the concentrate.

In essence, a nectar collector bubbler and dab rig work similarly, but with a few key differences. With traditional dab rigs, you scrape a small ball of dabs together using a metal or glass tool and apply heat directly to the nail (the bowl) of the dab rig. From there, you gently swirl the dab ball along the inner walls of the nail, vaporizing it as you inhale.

With a nectar collector travel kit, you bring the heated nail straight to the dabs. Smokers simply heat the nectar collector tips, and lightly brush it against their concentrate as they inhale to take a hit. As the heated tip grazes across the dabs, the concentrate begins melting and turns into a vapor. Residual melted concentrate collects in the wax collector portion of the dab straw.

That said, when using nectar collectors, it’s important that the container holding your dabs can safely withstand the temperatures of a red hot glass or titanium tip. We recommend using either a glass or silicone storage container when dabbing with a nectar collector.

Also, keep in mind that the tip of your nectar collector dab tool stays very hot for a few seconds even after taking your dabs, so place it somewhere safe and heat resistant to avoid hurting yourself or damaging anything.

In most cases, using a micro nectar collector is faster and more efficient than smoking from a dab setup. They’re essentially the portable version of dab rigs.

How A Nectar Collector Dab Straw Works

Nectar collectors use a built-in, heated tip to directly vaporize dab concentrates for you to inhale. That’s the one-liner if you just want a basic understanding of how a nectar collector dab straw works. But if you truly want to know about the biggest “hidden” features of nectar collectors, and what makes them so useful, then let’s dive a little deeper.

Let’s start at square one, with the shape of the nectar collector. At a glance, a nectar collector dab straw simply resembles a thin, hollow glass tube with a pointed tip and a mouthpiece. Or in other words, a glass straw. But look a little closer, and you’ll see a few design features that add even more functionality to this simple, yet versatile smoking tool.

The glass at the tip of your wax nectar collector is typically made of thicker, heavy-duty quartz or titanium. This makes it able to withstand the constant heating with torches.

Then, you look just above the tip, you’ll see another section that features either small indents or a rounded bulb. This is the “collector” of the wax nectar collector and serves the purpose of helping you reclaim some of the dabs that you take.

As you take a hit of dabs with a nectar collector, some of that dab vapor and melted concentrate will travel up the straw. The collector helps safely trap that melted concentrate, while also preventing it from traveling up the straw and hitting your tongue as you inhale. As you continue taking dabs, more and more residual concentrate collects in the collector of your dab straw.

And the best part is, later on, you can use your torch to heat the outside of your collector and melt the concentrate back into your silicone container to enjoy it again. This feature is precisely what makes a cheap nectar collector a worthwhile addition to any smoker’s collection. You can find plenty of cool nectar collectors for yourself in our online collection here at Marijuana Packaging.

History of Nectar Collector/Dab Rigs

To fully appreciate the innovation of nectar collectors, we first have to take a trip back in time to the 1960s. Believe it or not, dabbing existed all the way back when your parents were blasting the latest Beatles album. But back then, the process for dabbing wasn’t nearly as elegant or streamlined.

To vaporize concentrates, stoners of the past would heat up the tips of two knives over a stovetop until they were glowing red. Then, they would gently place a small glob of dabs over the heated surface while inhaling through a tube or plastic bottle with an opening that hovered a few inches above the hot surface. This allowed enough space for the dab smoke to cool down and even led to half-decent tasting hits when it was done properly.

Unfortunately, not all knives are made equally. While some metals work great for regular dabbing, others can break down and leech toxic fumes into dab smoke. Stoners of the time quickly realized this and began searching for safer, long-term solutions.

In came the first-ever dab rig in 2006, known as a “swing set” dab rig. This innovation in the world of dabbing combined the heated knifing technique with the features of a glass pipe. The swing set dab rig sported a traditional dab rig body with the added swing set attachment. This attachment resembled a U-shaped tube with a small titanium platform, attached by a thick metal wire, hovering below the opening.

To use a swing set dab rig, smokers would apply heat to the titanium platform, then gently place the concentrate on the heated surface as they inhale. This paved the way for the invention of even more sophisticated dabbing features, like domed and domeless nails.

Dab rigs with domed and domeless nails are the most current and popular form of dab rigs in use today. Domed nails condense all the features of the swing set dab rig into a simple and compact two-piece device -- the glass dome, and the nail itself. Smokers simply place the nail inside of the glass dome and begin heating up the nail.

Once the nail is red hot, you simply graze your concentrate along the edges of your nail to vaporize it. The addition of the dome serves the same purpose as the collector portion of a wax nectar collector -- to safely trap and contain residual concentrate.

With domeless nails, the design is even simpler and combines both the nail and platform into one. Domeless nails look like small little cups that you place your concentrate in. Except here, you simply heat up the domeless nail itself and then swirl your dabs along the inside to vaporize them once it’s hot enough. Typically, domeless nail dab rigs serve as the more efficient and easier-to-use variation of the two.


What Types Of Nectar Collector Kits Are Available?

While the design of the dab collector itself is pretty straightforward, it may surprise you to know that a few different styles of it exist. Yup, a quartz nectar collector doesn’t only come in the form of a glass body, you can also choose a silicone small nectar collector or an electronic dab nectar collector. Not to mention that the tip of your dab collector can also be made from different materials as well, including titanium, quartz, ceramic, and glass.

In most cases, a water nectar collector titanium tip offers the most durability.

If you want an easy way to figure out which type of nectar collector kit is best for you, keep reading. In this section, we explain the different types of honey collector dab staws, and what sets them apart. If you want to make it easy for yourself to find the best nectar collector for sale, or mini nectar collector kit, this section is for you.

Different Types of Nectar Collectors By Material

Glass Nectar Collectors

Out of any dab collector style you can choose from, the glass cheap nectar collector stands out as the most popular choice in the cannabis community. And it’s quite easy to see why. A glass nectar collector looks the most eye-catching, features the most artistic and decorative designs, and often provides the best-tasting hits.

Since it’s made entirely out of glass, you never have to worry about the “purity” of your smoke getting tainted like it can with the vapors emitted from metal and wooden pipes.

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair not to mention the biggest drawback to using a cheap nectar collector. And that would be the fact that glass itself is very delicate and easy to break, which doesn’t make it the safest option for travel and portability. If you drop your cheap nectar collector on a hard surface, it’ll likely shatter. Of course, you can limit that chance by purchasing a shockproof case to safely store it in.

Silicone Nectar Collector

If you want a traditional dabbing experience from your water nectar collector, but don't want to constantly worry about it breaking if it falls, a silicone nectar collector is a perfect solution. While they may never look as pretty as their glass cousins, they’re WAY more durable and nearly shatterproof.

A silicone nectar collector kit features a flexible, silicone body with either a glass or titanium tip attached. And the coolest part of using a silicone nectar collector is the ability to keep it in the freezer. Silicone and metal won’t completely freeze, but it’ll get very very cold, making it easy to enjoy extra cool tokes when you take it out to vape.

Electronic Nectar Collector

An electronic wax nectar collector works similar to a vape pen, with the main feature separating them being the titanium nail that’s electronically heated. So essentially, it’s a wax nectar collector that doesn’t require the use of a torch, since the heating element is built-in and electrically powered.

If you want to find a water nectar collector for sale, you can browse through our nectar collector clearance to find awesome deals and specials.


Does My Business Need Nectar Collectors?

Yes, every smoke shop owner should have a healthy nectar collector set inventory for their customers to shop. As you already know, a micro nectar collector serves as the perfect alternative for smokers who want to enjoy all the benefits of vaping, without having to buy and operate a more complex and expensive dab rig. This makes nectar collector price is a big factor in the purchase decision, with costs ranging from $12 to $60 per nectar collector pipe.

And they’re also the perfect choice for any smoker, whether seasoned or new, who enjoys portable smoking tools that allow for low-key sessions on the go.

Of course, if you’re going to build a nectar collector set display, it’s important to give your customers some variety. Thankfully, a micro nectar collector comes in a few different styles that suit different types of smoking experiences.

For smokers who just want to chill at home and quickly vape a few dabs throughout the day, a glass nectar collector set is the best way to go. It looks great, it’s easy to use, and it’s affordable.

But for smokers who love traveling, need added portability, and don’t want to worry about breaking their water nectar collector, a silicone nectar collector set can’t be beaten. With a flexible, shatter-proof body and titanium nail, it’s the perfect choice for cannabis users who need a little more flexibility in their day-to-day seshes, no matter where they go.

Of course, with either option, you’ll also have to encourage your customer to purchase a torch as well, since they won’t be able to use their nectar collector set without one.

In this case, the best solution may be to offer them an electronic nectar collector. An electronic nectar collector combines the durability of a silicone nectar collector, with the elegance of a glass nectar collector, and takes the butane torch out of the equation. While they’re way more expensive than silicone and glass nectar collectors, they’re a much better long-term portable dab rig solution. They work similar nectar pen, or nectar collector pen, but at a lower price point.

How To Use A Nectar Collector

Once you’ve decided on a nectar collector, it’s time to put it to use. For the sake of keeping things simple, we’ll run you through the process of using a glass nectar collector, since they’re the most common

How to use a portable nectar collector:

  1. Open up your concentrate and container and place it closeby
  2. Hold your cool nectar collector near the middle of the tube
  3. Angle the nectar collector sideways, and use your torch to begin heating the tip
  4. Keep the tip away from you to avoid dripping and melted concentrate out from the collector
  5. Continue heating up the nail until it’s red hot
  6. Turn off the torch and grab your container of concentrate
  7. Lightly graze the heated tip of your portable nectar collector over your concentrate as you inhale to melt and vaporize it
  8. When you’ve taken a satisfying hit, place your concentrate down, and place your nectar collector set in a safe heat resistance spot
  9. Repeat steps 3 - 8 to continue dabbing with your nectar collector

Here are a few important safety tips to keep in mind when using a nectar collector:

  • Always inhale slowly, gently, and gradually. Avoid quick, sharp inhalations to prevent yourself from swallowing hot melted concentrate through the straw
  • Always use a heat resistant glass or silicone container when vaping with a nectar collector
  • Heat up the tip of your nectar collector at a sideways angle, away from you to avoid dripping residual concentrate onto you (it doesn’t feel good)

With those tips in mind, you’re ready to find yourself the perfect nectar collector to add to your smoker’s toolbox. So if you’re looking to buy cool and cute nectar collectors, you can browse our water nectar collector clearance here at Marijuana Packaging -- no need to Google “nectar collector near me”.


Where To Buy Nectar Collectors Wholesale

Ready to purchase a nectar collector kit for yourself? Want to buy wholesale nectar collectors in bulk to stock up your smoke shop?

You can find an awesome selection of nectar collectors here at Marijuana Packaging. From an artsy and elegant glass honey nectar collector kit to more durable and rigid silicone nectar collectors. Even an extra-large, big nectar collector. We make it easy to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for in our online head shop.

If you need a nectar collector metal tip, you can simply enter those keywords right into the search box at the top of the page to quickly view every piece that includes one. Need a 14mm nectar collector? Simply type that into the search box to view all the products that match.

At the same time, you can also filter the products by more specific parameters, like material (glass or silicone), type (nectar collector or dab straw), and even color.

With that said, the best part about shopping at the Marijuana Packaging online head shop isn’t just how easy it is to find everything you need, but something even better. Our extra low prices.

Here you get the same premium quality products that you’d find at your local head shop for less than half the price. And you get it conveniently delivered straight to your door, so you never even have to leave the house.

If that wasn’t already tempting enough, you can also score sweet deals on shipping when you make larger purchases, which works great for smoke shop owners, or anyone looking to stock up.

Nectar Collector - The Bottom Line

And we don’t only carry nectar collectors. At Marijuana Packaging you’ll find everything you need, from discrete compact cases and packaging for all your cannabis goods, to beautiful and unique hand-blown pipes, bongs, chillums, and more.

It’s time to stop Googling things like “nectar collector near me”, and go straight to the source for the best nectar collector you can find. For the best prices on smoking pipes and accessories, visit the online shop at Marijuana Packaging. Score the best nectar collector for sale before it’s gone, and add a unique bubbler to your collection while you’re at it.

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