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Buttonless Stylus 510 Thread Vape Battery with USB Charger | 280mAh - Black Metal - 1 Count


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Compact and sleek, this Vaporizer Stylus Battery, equipped with a USB Charger, is the perfect travel companion for those on the go. The Stylus Battery is compatible with all 510-threaded attachments, making it easy to find replacements, USB chargers, and most pre-filled or refillable oil vape cartridges. Charge wherever you find a USB port--be it a computer, tablet, laptop or in your car’s center console

This buttonless vape battery is the epitome of simplicity; simply draw from your automatic vape pen as the unit heats your oils or cannabis concentrates to the ideal heat for potent hits. Simple and lightweight, this vape pen can easily be concealed in any pocket or bag.

Vaping is becoming more commonplace among contemporary smokers, and the stylus vape pen is among the most prevalent devices used in the market. These smoking accessories have brought a quicker and more versatile way for people to enjoy their favorite herbs.

Since using vape pens is significantly less harmful than conventional smoking, many people have begun leaning towards the practice. Still, despite the consensus, smokers have to figure out the best usb vape pen to get for their smoking needs.

What Is A Stylus Vape Pen?

The stylus vape pen is among the most versatile batteries, with a universal 510 threaded connection and a built-in USB charger. These factors make this device an ideal tool for smokers who want to enjoy their flowers and herbs while on the go.

What's more, the 510-threaded attachment on this buttonless vape pen battery means it is compatible with most pre-filled or refillable vape oil cartridges in the industry. It also makes it easy to find replacement parts if something were to go wrong with the device.

Since the stylus vape pen sold at our store comes with a USB charger, it's easy to juice it up wherever you can find a USB port, be it a computer, laptop, or wall brick. Moreover, its 280 mAh battery is enough to satisfy even your most demanding clients without the need to charge the vaporizer battery now and then.

Another excellent feature of the buttonless vape battery is that it is completely inconspicuous, allowing consumers to take it anywhere with them without fear of suspicion. Its size makes it incredibly easy to conceal it in any bag or pocket.

Furthermore, the device is effortless to use since it is an automatic draw. Essentially, this means that all you have to do to enjoy your precious product is inhale from the automatic usb vape as it heats the oils or cannabis concentrates to the ideal heat for potent hits.

How To Use A Stylus Vape Pen

The buttonless 510 battery is a revolutionary piece of technology in that it completely redesigns how people can enjoy cannabis concentrates and oils. With this device, consumers can enjoy their favorite products without any aftertaste.

Using a buttonless vape pen battery only involves a few simple steps. Here's are the things to remember when operating the device.

Charge The Stylus Vape Pen

The first step when using a buttonless vape battery is to ensure it has enough power to operate. Fortunately, you can charge this black vape pen battery using any USB power station. The 510 thread battery you can find at our online store has a USB Charger attached.

Screw Your 510 Cartridge on The Stylus Vape Pen

Our wax pen battery charger is compatible with all 510-threaded oil cartridges. The threading refers to the bits needed to screw in the battery with the cartridge. This process is relatively simple and completes the circuit to activate the vape batteries.

Smoke Away

After the connection between the buttonless vape pen battery and the cartridge is complete, you can enjoy your herbal products in peace.

Where To Source Stylus Vape Pen in Bulk?

Marijuana Packaging is the best place to source the stylus vape pen. Apart from getting the products your clients deserve, purchasing wholesale USB vape batteries from our store guarantees the best quality products in the market.

Not to mention, cannabis companies can save significant time when they purchase the dab pen charger from us. Our store guarantees the best prices in the industry, meaning your store would not have to incur significant financial setbacks to stock up on these products.

Purchasing the battery for cart pen in bulk is a step in the right direction for your establishment. This will improve your brand's reputation for selling excellent products and translate to a better bottom line for your business.

  • Sleek and inconspicuous design
  • Stylus tip: Use on any touch screen surface
  • LED Light Indicator: An LED light, at the bottom, will illuminate every time you take a draw
  • Low Battery Indicator: The LED light will flash when the battery is low
  • Easy Charging Process: An LED light on the USB charger will turn red while charging

Buttonless Stylus 510 Thread Vape Battery with USB Charger | 280mAh - Black Metal - 1 Count

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