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G2 | Adjustable Voltage 510 Thread Vape Battery with Compatible USB Charger | 400mAh - Black - 1 Count


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With the G2 Adjustable Voltage Battery, you’ve got the power and control that your buttonless vape pen deserves. This replacement vape pen battery is clearly marked with a 2 – 4 volt adjustment to further hone your vaping experience to your specific tastes. A USB charger is included for the utmost convenience. Boasting a sophisticated black coloring, it will easily complement most models of vapor pens. Power doesn’t mean nearly as much without control. Have them both with the G2 Adjustable Voltage Battery.

The variable voltage cartridge battery has become a highly sought-after item in the cannabis sector. It has been specifically designed to offer flexibility and a personalized vaping experience.

What Is A Variable Voltage Vape Battery?

Essentially, a variable voltage cartridge battery allows users to adjust the heating power of the smoking device, thereby controlling its temperature. Thus, they enhance the vape's flavor, smoothness, intensity, and hit.

Cannabis consumers can select a particular voltage they want the variable voltage battery to operate in regardless of how much power remains. Considering that users have more control over the temperature, they can control the quality and flavor of the hits. This provides a more bespoke smoking sesh compared to joints.

What Is The Best Setting For Variable Voltage Cartridge Battery?

Since you can fine-tune the voltage of the G2 vape pen to offer varied effects, the best setting usually comes down to personal preference. Nevertheless, new users should familiarize themselves first with how the settings of vape batteries affect the vape taste and feel.

Always keep in mind that different terpenes and cannabinoids activate at different temperatures. The same is also true for effects and flavors. Hence, experimenting with the different temperature settings would be ideal for finding the best setting for the variable voltage battery.

Does My Business Need Adjustable Voltage Vape Battery

The variable voltage vape battery is an item that both individuals and cannabis businesses can purchase. For companies looking to increase their profitability, acquiring the 510 thread battery in bulk is a step in the right direction.

Compared to other methods of smoking cannabis, the variable voltage vape pen provides users with much more liberty to make their vaping sesh memorable. Rather than depending on the preset manufacturer settings, users can tweak the voltage to get their desired flavor.

This is one of the significant factors that have made many cannabis users shift to the variable voltage battery. Purchasing the dab carts in bulk can position your business to capitalize on the shift in consumer behavior. It's a step that can immensely increase profitability in your company.

Where To Buy Variable Voltage Vape Pens Wholesale

The best place to purchase the adjustable voltage vape pen is right here at Marijuana Packaging. We have a wide selection of dispensary items; you can find the 400mAh G2 vape pen available in black. They have a 510 thread, which makes them compatible with different cartridges.

Apart from the extensive list of products, you'll also get items at subsidized prices compared to other stores. Not only will you enjoy good profit margins, but you'll also be able to transfer the low costs of items to your customers. Ultimately, this will help to solidify your relationship with your customers.

  • Red Dial: Use to select your preferred voltage
  • LED button:Blue with every hit andRed when battery is low
  • Quick heat up
  • Press 5 times rapidly to turn on battery

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G2 | Adjustable Voltage 510 Thread Vape Battery with Compatible USB Charger | 400mAh - Black - 1 Count

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Variable: 2.0V-4.0V

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