Straight Sided Clear Glass Jars | 63mm - 10oz - 36 Count


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Straight Sided Clear Glass Jars | 63mm - 10oz - 36 Count

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The 10 oz glass jars are some of the most commonly used packaging items in the cannabis industry. They provide businesses with numerous benefits, mainly contributing to their use in the market. Even though there are innumerable packaging items in the sector, the 10 oz jar has become pretty much the standard for storing products.

Since you can use the 10 oz glass jars in various ways, they are very advantageous. Many entrepreneurs prefer to use glass jars because they provide ample storage while ensuring the environment remains neat.

What Are Straight-Sided Glass Jars?

Straight-sided glass jars are wide-bodied glass jars predominantly used in the food industry. Over the past few years, the 10 oz glass jars have become increasingly popular in the cannabis industry, especially now that various jurisdictions are lifting the ban on the use of marijuana.

Considering that the 10 oz jar can be used in multiple industries, buying them in bulk can help your business attract customers in different sectors. Thus, your company will grow at a much faster rate.

Most straight-sided glass jars are made with a continuous thread neck, making them compatible with multiple plastic closures. The round shape of the 14-gram jar also allows for maximum filling of the products.

There are various ways to make your products stand out when using straight-sided weed jars. Adding a variety of closures when buying the 10 oz jars wholesale is a brilliant strategy that can make them unique and appealing.

The 10 Oz Glass Jars

These are among the most popular products available in our inventory. They are compatible with the 63mm capsizes, which secures the jar to ensure safe and fresh products.

When you order one quantity, you'll get 36 units which go for $24.95 per case. Compared to other wholesale stores, our prices are way lower. If you are unsure of the particular product you are looking for; our store allows you to order a sample to help you determine the exact product.

Benefits Of Purchasing Clear Glass Jars

Buying 10 oz jars wholesale for your cannabis dispensary is a good investment since they are some of the most appropriate items for weed storage. Besides being airtight, glass jars are also smell-proof, which helps preserve the potency of your cannabis. Here are additional benefits to purchasing 10 oz glass jars bulk.

Clear Showcase Of Your Products

Having a good display is paramount when operating a cannabis dispensary. Since the 14-gram jars are transparent, they provide a good display for your products. Straight-sided clear glass jars allow your nugs to remain intact while providing your customers with a good view of your products.

Protects A Range Of Cannabis Products

Glass is an inert product. Hence, purchasing the half-ounce jar or any other glass jar will allow you to store different cannabis products, including buds, concentrates, and gummies. Additionally, clear glass jars are also great at regulating moisture and oxygen. Therefore, using the half oz jar will ensure your products reach their maximum shelf life.

Premium Look

Another benefit of using straight-sided clear glass jars is they are easily customizable. Using custom jars is a brilliant way of setting yourself apart from your competitors. Not only will your products have a premium look, but they will also be more appealing to your customers.

Our wholesale store has a team of adept designers who can help create compelling branding for your products that coincides with your company's theme. Considering the growing competition prevalent in the cannabis industry, choosing to customize your products will definitely put you ahead of the game.

Where To Purchase Straight-Sided Glass Jars Wholesale

You can get the 10 oz jars wholesale right here at Marijuana Packaging. We have a wide selection of straight-sided glass jars and other wholesale products. Here are other benefits of purchasing our wholesale items.

Unbeatable Prices

Our mission is to provide cannabis businesses with top-quality items at the best prices. Every item on our inventory is reasonably priced to ensure that every business in the sector enjoys a good profit margin. Ergo, purchasing our items will boost your company’s bottom line.

Great Variety

Our store has a great variety of straight-sided clear glass jars. Apart from the 10 oz glass jars, you can also find other equally sleek and durable sizes. This makes shopping much easier due to the ease of finding all the items you need in one place.

When you're looking to purchase the 10 oz glass jars wholesale, be sure to visit our online wholesale store.



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