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Discover the allure of our glass bongs, blending elegance, durability, and performance. Each piece is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a captivating aesthetic appeal. Available in a multitude of designs, and priced as attractively as they look, they are a great addition to your collection.


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Stündenglass | Kompact Contactless Water Pipe | 11 Inch Tall- 14mm Bowl - Black - 1Stündenglass | Kompact Contactless Water Pipe | 11 Inch Tall- 14mm Bowl - Black - 2

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Eyce | Straight Neck Platinum-Cure Silicone Beaker Water Pipe | 12in Tall - 14mm Bowl - Assorted - 1Eyce | Straight Neck Platinum-Cure Silicone Beaker Water Pipe | 12in Tall - 14mm Bowl - Assorted - 2

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Marley Natural | Hammer Glass Bubbler w/ Thick Base | 5.5in Tall - 14mm Bowl - Black Walnut - 1Marley Natural | Hammer Glass Bubbler w/ Thick Base | 5.5in Tall - 14mm Bowl - Black Walnut - 2

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Marley Natural | Hammer Glass Bubbler w/ Thick Base | 4.5in Tall - Glass - SmokeMarley Natural | Hammer Glass Bubbler w/ Thick Base | 4.5in Tall - Glass - Smoke
Marley Natural Hammer Glass Bubbler w/ Thick Base

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Glass Bongs

If you want to learn a few things about glass bongs or buy glass water pipes online, you’ve come to the right place. The glass water bong stands as one of the most popular innovations in the cannabis community, combining classic, hookah-inspired water filtration, with the heavy, silky smooth hits of glass blown pipes.

For centuries, smokers around the world have enjoyed the water-cooled, silky smooth tokes that only glass water pipes can provide. And reasonably so -- since their inception, glass pipes and bongs serve as the only smoking method that can diffuse smoke through multiple layers of percolation and filtration. This allows a glass water pipe to cool down the smoke, which provides a gentler, less harsh, and easier to inhale toke.

If you’re looking for glass bongs for sale, then it’s important to understand how they work, what types are available, and where to find them. Glass water pipes come in a variety of styles and sizes, each suited to different kinds of smoking experiences. Choosing the best glass bongs comes down to knowing what you want from your glass bong pipe.

In this post, we break down everything you need to know about thick glass bongs and show you where to find the best selection of glass water pipes for sale:

  • How do bongs work?
  • How long do bongs last?
  • Where can I find glass pipes and bongs?
  • How much is a glass bong?

We answer all of those questions and more in the next few sections. If you’re ready to become an expert on glass water bongs for sale and discover where to find wholesale glass pipes and bongs online, keep reading.


What Is A Glass Water Bong?

A glass water bong, or water pipe, is a pipe that uses water to filter and cool the smoke that passes through it. This feature provides a cooler and smoother hit for smokers to inhale through the straight tube of the glass water bong.

How Do Glass Water Pipes Work?

A glass water pipe works by filtering smoke through water as you inhale through the mouthpiece.

The parts of a glass water pipe include:

  • Glass bowl: small, removable glass basin that holds marijuana in place
  • Downstem: glass tube that holds the bowl in place, and filters smoke into water
  • Base: hollowed bottom of the glass water pipe that holds the water (usually round or beaker shaped)
  • Chamber: straight tube for smoke to travel through that connects the base to the mouthpiece
  • Carb: a small hole that allows smokers to control airflow by covering or uncovering it

Here’s how to smoke with a glass bong:

  1. Grind your medical marijuana
  2. Fill glass bong with enough water to submerge half of the downstem
  3. Pack the glass bowl with ground weed
  4. Use a lighter or hemp wick to spark up the bowl
  5. Inhale as you hold the flame over the bowl until it’s lit
  6. Turn off the flame and continue inhaling until the chamber fills with smoke
  7. To take the hit, remove the glass bowl or uncover the carb hole, and inhale


Some models of big glass bongs feature a more complex filtration system, made of several layers of percolators and diffusers. Common modifications, like gas-dispersion frits, or diffusers, break up the smoke into extra fine bubbles and work together with percolators to increase the contact area of water. The more contact area with water, the smoother and cooler the smoke gets.

Other popular features of thick bongs include:

  • Ice catchers: coned shaped indents within the chamber for holding ice cubes in place
  • Bent necks: curved chamber tubes that tilt the mouthpiece at an angle
  • Showerhead percs: a modified version of circ percs, with an extra opening in the middle for increased water contact
  • Circ percs: rounded, hollow donut-shaped percolator with slits/holes along the sides and bottom
  • Honeycomb perc: flat, circular percolators containing several small holes and resemblance a honeycomb
  • Tree perc: a cylindrical percolator with multiple “arms”/diffused tubes around the sides for increased diffusion
  • Diffused downstem perc: classic straight tubed downstem with angled slits at the bottom
  • Inline perc: built-in slits holes featured in straight tube glass bongs

What Are Thick Bongs Made Of?

Borosilicate glass, silicone, acrylic, and ceramic stand as the most common materials used to make water pipes. Glassblowers make the majority of bongs with borosilicate glass and use a high temp blow torch to soften and shape the glass. Most bongs start similar to pipes, as thick bubbles which glassblowers hollow out and mold into glass water pipes for sale.

The History of Hand Blown Glass Bongs

Water pipes have served as a cannabis community favorite for over 2400 years -- that’s almost 2.5 millenniums ago. According to records, a 2013 excavation of a kurgan (a mound of earth and stones raised over a grave) in Russia revealed that ancient Scythian tribal chiefs used golden bongs to smoke opium and cannabis.

Beyond that, it was the Chinese during the Ming Dynasty (around the 16th century) who introduced the use of water pipes for smoking. But it wasn’t until the Qing Dynasty that using water pipes became the most popular way to smoke tobacco. At that time, the majority of pipes comprised either homemade bamboo bongs, or luxury metal bongs, which were used by nobility and merchants.

From that point on, the glass bong experienced several innovations, until it became what we know it as today.


What Types Of Glass Bongs For Sale Are Available?

Glass pipes and bongs come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and styles. And choosing the best bongs comes down to knowing what kind of smoking experience you want.

Different Types Of Bongs By Material

Glass Bongs

A plain glass bong stands as one of the most popular styles of water pipes, offering a hybrid blend of functionality and aesthetics. Most glass hand blown bongs include a diffused downstem, built-in ice catcher, and upgradeable glass bowl, with some models featuring built-in percolators.

Thick glass bongs offer the cannabis community a smooth and convenient smoking experience, with an attractive and sturdy build, at an affordable price point.

Silicone Bongs

A silicone bong offers all the core functionality of the best glass bongs but adds extreme durability and portability to the mix. These flexible bongs feature a shock-proof, food-grade silicone frame that’s dishwasher safe, foldable, and lightweight. Feature-wise, most silicone bongs are small in size and include a standard downstem with either metal bowls (not recommended) or silicone wrapped glass bowls (recommend).

Silicone bongs work great for stoners who want all the basic features of a water pipe, but want a piece that’s easy to transport and won’t break when it falls.

Ceramic Bongs

Before glass blown bongs became the standard, ceramic bongs reigned as king. These bongs function and feel similar to glass bongs, but offer superior temperature change resistance, which makes tokes a little bit cooler. Ceramic bongs include all the standard features of water pipes, like a downstem and removable bowl, but lack the ability to accessorize with percolators, ash catchers, and diffused downstems.

At a similar price point to most glass water bongs for sale, ceramic bongs stand as a great choice for smokers who prefer a more artsy and vintage aesthetic paired with a classic bong smoking experience.

Metal Bongs

As mentioned earlier, metal bongs are some of the oldest types of bongs and were used by Scythian tribes over 2,400 years. And these days, they’ve mostly been replaced by smoother and more innovative styles, like glass bongs.

Metal bongs work similar to standard water pipes but lack upgradeability and filtration in favor of durability. So while a metal bong won't break when it falls over, it’ll also never hit as smoothly as your glass bong. This is why you’re better off grabbing a silicone bong.

Acrylic Bong/Plastic Bong

An acrylic bong is the cheap, clear, hard plastic bong that nearly every young stoner buys at the beginning of their cannabis career. These water pipes stand as the predecessors to silicone pipes, but with less flexibility and quality control when it comes to materials.

While they work and function like standard water pipes, the tokes they produce just aren't as smooth as glass water pipe or silicone bongs. Plus, they’re not built to last, and quickly degrade and crack through regular use.

Acrylic bongs are the most basic types of water pipes and work best for smokers who aren’t ready to upgrade to a smoother and higher-quality glass bong.

Other types of bongs include:

  • Bamboo
  • Fruit
  • Wood
  • Plastic

If you’re curious to learn about the different types of bong designs, keep reading -- we cover that in the next section.


Does My Head Shop Need Glass Bongs For Sale?

Yes, every head shop should carry a selection of unique hand blown glass bongs and water pipes. Every smoker has different preferences for their ideal smoking experience. Some tokers like convenience, portability, and functionality, so they choose pieces like glass pipes and chillums. While other smokers crave the coolest and smoothest hits possible, which makes glass pipes and bongs the obvious choice.

Smokeshop owners can stock up and buy wholesale pipes, bong accessories, and glass bongs online here at Marijuana Packaging.

The bigger the collection of thick glass bongs a smoke shop carries, the more customers they’ll be able to attract. Smokers want options. And with the huge variety of shapes, colors, and styles that blown glass bongs come in, it’s important to know what’s available and what sets the options apart.

Different Types Of Glass Bongs For Sale By Design

Beaker Base Bongs - features a base/body in the shape of a chemistry beaker. The large base size adds stability and creates room for larger hits

Round Base Bongs - feature a sphere-shaped/round base with a flattened bottom, which increase stability and smoke collection volume

Straight Tube Bongs - completely straight tube design with a flat base

Percolator Bongs - shares all the features of beaker & round base bongs, with the addition of built-in percolators and filtration

Multi-Chamber Bongs - complex percolator bongs with advanced glasswork that allows for the transfer of smoke between separate chambers

Recycler Bongs - features a complex system of tubes that filters smoke through the same percolators multiple times before traveling to the chamber

Bubblers - mini blown glass bongs that resemble glass pipes with a larger base and built-in downstem

Scientific Glass Bongs (Borosilicate Glass Bong) - constructed from highly durable and temperature resistance borosilicate glass, and feature built-in ice catchers, diffused downstems, and percolators

Inline Bongs - glass water bongs for sale with built-in horizontal, multi-chamber percolator systems

Dab Rigs - small glass water pipes built with a focus on recycling and percolation for cooler dabs


Is It Better To Smoke Cannabis From A Glass Water Bong?

Here’s the question nearly every stoner has asked at one point or another:

Is smoking with glass bongs better for your lungs?

Well, yes...and no. Let’s break it down.

Smoking with blown glass bongs helps to reduce the dry heat experienced from smoking joints or bowls, which provides a gentler, cooler, and smoother smoking experience. At the same time, the diffusion of the smoke through water helps create “cleaner” tokes by filtering out some of the burnt plant matter, ash, and tar that would normally go straight to your lungs.

However, neither of those features of glass bongs stop the smoke itself from filling up your lungs. In fact, when smoking a bong, you may inhale WAY more smoke since it’ll feel cooler and smoother. Because of this, you often end up exposing your lungs to more C02 than if you had smoked a joint or bong bowl.

At the same time, it may surprise you to know that wholesale glass bongs actually filter out some of the psychoactive components in marijuana smoke -- specifically, THC. Since THC is not water-soluble and can’t bond with water molecules, smoking weed through a bong removes a small amount of it from the smoke you inhale. That said, the amount of THC removed is fairly small, and often unnoticeable -- in most cases, only veteran smokers can feel the difference.

Beyond this, there’s no hard science yet that proves smoking with even the best glass bongs is any “safer”. But if you want cleaner and smoother tokes when you smoke, unique glass bongs have you covered. You can find plenty of glass water pipes for sale and hand blown glass bongs here at Marijuana Packaging.


Where To Buy Glass Bongs Wholesale

Looking for a huge selection of thick quality glass bongs? You can always buy glass bongs online here at Marijuana Packaging.

Whether you’re searching for beaker base bongs, dab rigs, or percolator bongs, you'll find all of it and more in our glass bong collection. Simply visit our shop page and begin browsing through pages of cool and unique glass bongs in all shapes in sizes.

To make choosing a glass bong even easier, you can filter the collection according to specific parameters like brand and color. But if you’re looking for something specific, you can simply type it in the search box to pull up a list of beautiful wholesale glass bongs that match your criteria.

For instance, if you want a glass bong that includes lots of built-in filters, you may type in keywords like "mini bongs", “circ perc”, “showerhead perc”, or “pink bong”. You can also search for specific aesthetic features, like “bent neck”, “thick base”, or “fumed glass.”

Glass Bongs - The Bottom Line

So if it’s wholesale glass bongs that you need, Marijuana Packaging has got you covered. If you want a water pipe that’s portable, lightweight, and highly durable, choose a silicone water pipe. But if you crave the smoothest and most enjoyable smoking experience possible, consider a higher quality glass bong pipe, like percolator bongs, heady glass, or beaker base bongs.

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