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Weed Grinder

In the past, the only thing needed to grind up some cannabis was your fingers, or some scissors if you were lucky. Nowadays, things have changed drastically with the weed grinder, a device that revolutionized the marijuana community forever. Whether you choose to use it for marijuana or tobacco, a grinder is a gift that keeps on giving. It allows for less mess when grinding up all your THC ingredients, as well as allowing for a fresh yield of bud to roll or pack into a bowl.

From metal, to hemp, to plastic, you can’t go wrong with having a grinder on hand. You never know where you’ll end up needing a grinder whether it’s a friend's house or a social gathering that allows smoking, having a grinder will turn you into a hero at the party. Shop keeps as well should have a hefty supply of grinders on deck for travelers or local cannabis consumers who need something quick and cheap or something more long term. It’s nice knowing you can roll up some cannabis without having to get all the sticky residue on your hands, or have to clean up any weed crumbs off your clothes when owning a grinder.

There are way too many upsides to having a grinder these days, it’s portable, convenient, and leaves no mess to be cleaned up while also being very discreet. The weed grinder has brought so much convenience and ease to the marijuana community, that it would be very difficult to go back to the ways of old.


What Is A Weed Grinder?

A weed grinder is a tool made up of either two, three, or four components, used to break your cannabis into smaller bits for smoother hits or for wrapping in rolling paper. It’s one of the most revolutionary items for a cannabis user. Having a trusty marijuana grinder will save you so much time and provide less stress when smoking. There are so many different shapes and sizes, there’s something for everyone.

The dry herb grinder usually has a cylindrical or circular shape with two halves that separate and have sharp teeth or pegs. They are aligned in such a way that when both halves of the flower grinder are turned, the ingredients inside are shredded. A 4 piece grinder is most common in the more expensive model of grinders while the 3 piece is seen in some metal grinders but mainly in plastic grinders. However many chambers you wish to have for your marijuana grinder completely depend on the individual.

There are certainly different grades in quality when it comes to finding a weed grinder for sale, you want to make sure the one you come across is a good grinder that works well for your cannabis needs. Good grinders usually consist of a 4 piece grinder component, where not only is the flower being ground, but the kief or the powdery residue that you normally see on the buds is caught on the fourth chamber screen. This portion is also known as a kief catcher, although some search for it online under kief grinder. It’s understandable seeing how one would think that the kief is grounded rather than sifted after the weed has been grounded.

Whenever you’re at a local smoke shop, you’ll notice all the good weed grinders that consist of a four-chamber build are usually bought in bulk. You might find cheap weed grinders as well. They are essentially made of plastic and are only two chambers with a set of teeth, but no third chamber to catch the cannabis. Overall, having a weed grinder makes a cannabis user’s life easier in more ways than one, with no mess and no stress leaving your marijuana safe and secured.


Can I Put Concentrates In A Herb Grinder?

No, the closest thing to a concentrate would be the kief that falls to the bottom of the grinder but anything other than cannabis won’t work. It’s a common misconception that there is a kief grinder along with a regular grinder, which is probably why some think concentrates can go in a grinder, but unfortunately, they cannot. Before purchasing your first weed grinder, it’s important to know there are a couple of do’s and dont's that one should be aware of. First and foremost, being that a grinder is for dry herb only concentrates will only get stuck within its teeth once you try to turn it.

Although when you have your grinder weed after it’s been ground there’s always an option to garnish your bowl or joint with some concentrates. It’s also possible with the use of grinders to help make wax and all types of other concentrates by collecting the kief and pressing it into hashish better known as hash. The consistency of certain concentrates also wouldn’t work well with a dry herb grinder, such as shatter or crumble. While still relatively solid, it’s not dry enough to be broken in a grinder that’s meant for cannabis flower. It’s probably best to have a grinder for weed and a separate compartment for your concentrates.

Attempting to use even novelty grinders to break apart concentrates most likely wouldn’t work either, since most grinders like that are made from plastic. Trying to mix concentrates with a bud grinder would probably be akin to putting chewing gum inside a grinder, it’s a recipe for disaster. Aside from concentrates, there’s still nothing better than using a 420 grinder to cap off a long day and relax. Having a marijuana grinder although it can’t be used for concentrates, allows for tons of convenience when it comes to saving time as well as flower.

While concentrates are great additions to any bowl, joint, or blunt they have no place inside a grinder. With all the different types of cool weed grinders out there, it would be a shame to mess up the first one you bought by putting concentrates in it.


What Types Of Marijuana Grinders Are Available?

It can be hard finding the best weed grinder for yourself since there is such a myriad of variety when trying to look for one. Our website lays it out for you perfectly to help you navigate easily through the site to find the grinder that suits you. We believe we carry the best weed grinder, being the 63mm grinder. It’s a relatively large weed grinder that chops your flower into the finest of pieces. Its design is sleek yet powerful when it comes to chopping up the bud into nice little pieces to create the best smoking experience. There are a plethora of different options to choose from when it comes to buying a grinder for weed from us.

From a plastic, metal, hemp, and even industrial grinder we have everything you need to grind your weed. There is so much room to go outside of the box when purchasing a pot grinder, our team provides all the latest models individually and in bulk. Having a good grinder goes a long way especially if you’re either trying to roll something up quickly or if you’re trying to conserve your flower, the grinder helps with that as well. Owning a pot grinder will turn you into a lifesaver amongst your friends if you happen to be without one and are in dire need.

There’s a lot of different varieties when in the market for a weed grinder for sale. From the shapes and sizes to the type of material of the grinder, there are so many styles that any cannabis user would be thrilled to own. For cultivators and farmers, our team also carries an industrial grinder for large harvests and trimming needs. Some shops have a copious amount of cool weed grinders to the point where it may take more time than anticipated to find the one that suits your style. We have a large selection of cute grinders from large to small, which will be described to you.

Metal Grinders

Our selections of metal weed grinders are some of the best in the business, especially our 63mm metal grinder, it’s one of the best weed grinders. Considering how people had to break down their cannabis in the past, the metal grinder has revolutionized the process of smoking forever. With this dry herb grinder, it takes no more than just a few turns to have a fresh yield of bud ready to be rolled or packed in a bowl. It’s such a speedy process that you almost forget what you’re doing after so many turns.

There’s no better feeling than going to a party or a friend’s house, and they have a pot grinder on hand for people to use. Metal grinders also come with a magnetic top that makes the grinding process easier and doesn’t allow for any marijuana to fall out. Owning a weed grinder that’s metal is extremely beneficial because it is usually made with better quality, and will last a long time before having to replace it. A lot of the time, with weed grinders made from metal, they have a kief catcher which is a Godsend in itself.

In the old days, breaking down the bud with your fingers was not only a messy experience, it was also a loss on a quality smoking experience. The kief on the bud gets stuck to your fingers making it impossible to get off, in which you lose out on all of the greater THC particles. This is why some like to invest in that fourth chamber screen that acts as a kief grinder when collecting the powder. It’s one of the more popular types that are bought in bulk due to its components, convenience, and reliability. The grinder weed from a metal grinder feels so fine and has the perfect rolling texture for joint or blunt.

Outside of metal grinders, we still have a lovely display of cute weed grinders that are perfect for anyone’s aesthetic.

Plastic Grinders

The plastic grinder is a marijuana grinder that is one of the more indispensable accessories in the cannabis industry. Which is no surprise seeing as it’s affordable as well as an essential part of the marijuana smoking experience. This herb grinder usually comes as a 2 piece grinder, but we also have a 3 piece setup. Our weed grinders are second to none, our wholesale prices and quality can’t be beaten!

We have a wide selection of grinders that will have you ready to put some on your shelves and in your home. There are a ton of grinders for sale that are made of plastic that work just as well as a metal grinder. What’s great about plastic grinders is that they can vary a little more in size, making it easier to conceal a pot grinder if need be. It is more likely to find a small weed grinder in plastic rather than metal because it’s cheaper to make, and most of the time a small grinder is used for quick marijuana instances.

A plastic grinder is a great grinder for weed if you’re either on the go or if you need something quick. Although it’s made of plastic it’s still extremely versatile. It works well as a tobacco grinder too, grinding up tobacco for freshly rolled cigars if need be. Having a grinder plastic or metal is a massive convenience that saves an individual so much time on marijuana preparation. One popular large grinder that is made of plastic is the medtainer grinder, a grinder that takes the design of medicine and pill containers to another level. It includes a built-in mess-free grinder that crushes and stores all your medication while also working as a tobacco grinder.

There are so many great options of cool weed grinders made of plastic that we carry on our site for wholesale purchase. If you’re going to purchase an herb grinder it may as well be one that you like and can cherish for a long time.

Comparing The Two Grinders: Metal Or Plastic?

Whenever in the market for a new grinder it can be difficult figuring out exactly what is the best weed grinder. From cheap grinders to expensive ones it’s never easy to tell which one is going to be better than the other. There are quite a few differences when comparing both metal and plastic grinders that one must consider before making a sudden purchase. A metal marijuana grinder usually has the luxury of a third or fourth chamber to catch the kief as well as the cannabis, as opposed to a plastic grinder that usually only is a 3 piece grinder max.

While some details between the two grinders are strictly subjective and lean completely on the customer, the details may be what makes the most impact on the decision to buy or not. Regardless if you’re new to cannabis, or a seasoned vet, it’s important to have a marijuana grinder. It can be an absolute pain to break the bud down with your fingers. One big difference between the plastic and metal grinders is the compartments. A lot of the time with cheap weed grinders like the plastic ones, you only have two chambers leaving you to grind the weed and then dumb it out on a flat surface.

Whereas the grinders made from metal are a 3 piece grinder set that has a compartment for the cannabis to fall into. Those are two large differences that usually have smokers leaning towards metal herb grinders. You may come across wholesale grinders at local smoke shops that will have a deal but the only problem is the quality of the grinders for wholesale. Looking at the two types of grinders there are a few things to consider before purchasing, such as what you’re looking for in a cannabis grinder and how you want it to look.

Thankfully with our custom grinders, you can pick and choose your type of grinder and design it to your liking. There’s nothing better than having a good cannabis grinder that can last a lifetime. Especially if it’s made from metal or even hard plastic you know the grinder is not going to break for a good while. If a grinder with kief catcher isn’t your speed there’s no shame in that, there’s a ton of great grinders that are more affordable and work just as well.

Cheap grinders can still be a grinder that lasts you a lifetime to where you don’t have to replace it. There are a ton of different items on our site for you to choose from if you’re ever in the market for a new smoking accessory. Even our more affordable grinders are made with high quality, our hemp grinder is made with zero plastic, and all hemp, perfect for the stoner that enjoys Earth-conscious products.

The best herb grinder doesn’t always mean the most expensive, whether it’s metal or plastic you’re still saving a bunch just by having a grinder.


Does My Business Need Weed Grinders?

Yes, it’s important to have grinders for sale because anyone that uses cannabis in this day and age prefers a grinder for weed. It’s way too convenient and way too reliable to not have one on your person whenever you’re preparing to partake. Having a good grinder for weed is important as well, it’s nice knowing that the local smoke shop has a bunch of custom grinders ready for the picking. It’s also important to know where to look for the best grinder for weed, you don’t want to just buy one from any old shop.

Any legal dispensary should have grinders alongside their cannabis products. It makes the customer want to buy more stuff especially if they don’t have a grinder they can grinder shop, and it’s also a great investment once they buy it. Having a large surplus of grinders will appeal to the large demand that people have for grinders. People lose grinders all the time and need to stop by the local head shop for a replacement, it only helps to have wholesale grinders ready for when that time comes.

Having a pot grinder on hand is always a plus whether you’re hanging with friends or by yourself, no one wants to spend the majority of their smoking experience breaking the weed down with their hands and cleaning up a mess. We have a great selection of top weed grinders from metal, plastic, and custom grinders for wholesale purchase that will have customers cleaning your shelves out. Everyone loves a good impulse buy, grinders are the perfect impulse buy for any weed enthusiast People enjoy nicely ground grinder weed for joints, blunts, pipes, along with a multitude of smoking apparatus having a section of cool grinders would help boost any smoke shop's sales. Not only can you sell them as marijuana grinders, but they can also be sold as a tobacco grinder since they work the same way which would also help boost revenue.

The marijuana industry is so competitive now, that not having the best cannabis grinder or at least a section for grinders, could be a detriment to an individual’s business.

Whether you’re a cannabis dispensary or a local head shop, wholesale grinders are a way to go especially when pretty much everyone that smokes uses a grinder. It won’t be long till you see a return on investment. Any business that is affiliated with smoking of any kind would be missing out on a major lucrative business opportunity by not having the best weed grinder on its shelves. You have the option to sell it as a regular grinder or a tobacco grinder catering to both smoking demographics. The convenience of a grinder alone makes the smoking accessory so revolutionary it’s impossible to pass it up.

Even having some small bulk grinders would do wonders for any owner of a dispensary or smoke shop. As a business owner in the cannabis industry, it’s imperative to have the top weed grinders. Whether you’re purchasing them to sell them as they are or as a tobacco grinder you will make a profit off of this revolutionary accessory. Having a reliable shop that carries all the smoking accessories needed to have a good smoking experience is key.

Even having the cheap grinders on display would help boost sales, people love to impulse buy, or if they’re from out of town and need something cheap and quick a plastic grinder from the smoke shop goes a long way. A shopkeep that invests into what his customers like will see a profit in the near future. It pays to keep a bud grinder close by as well as having some in stock for others to purchase.


Where To Buy Marijuana Grinders Wholesale

If you’re searching for wholesale herb grinders then look no further. We carry a large variety of different grinders on our site at a great bulk rate. There’s a wide range of wholesale grinders that our team provides online that would attract any cannabis customer. We have everything you need for all your smoking necessities.

Our selection of bulk herb grinders is unmatched by the competition. Updates are made constantly on the site so there is always something to pick from whenever you visit us. From regular grinders to a grinder with kief catcher, we have it all for you. The website is filled with different grinders to choose from that would catch anyone’s eye. Our team has great deals on wholesale grinders along with a slew of other items.

We make sure to stay updated on the latest smoking accessories that come on the market. There’s a bud grinder for everyone, and we believe we have that grinder for someone to fall in love with. Our website is filled with all types of grinders from metal and plastic to industrial, we have what you need. The grinders for sale are second to none, made with the best quality, and sold at an even greater price.

The best weed grinder comes from us at no better price than that. We have so many different styles and types of grinders it’s amazing! Our team even carries bulk grinders for those that want to have a bunch on hand, or for shopkeeps that are restocking their shelves we have it all. There is so much to choose from off our websites when it comes to grinders it can almost be overwhelming. It’s filled with so many cool grinders on display at such a great price that can’t be beaten!

Our site is filled with a ton of styles and designs to choose from outside of making custom designs of your own. You can customize the grinder online, order it, and it’ll be shipped to you in no time. Our wholesale weed grinders can also be customized to whatever design you want; if you happen to own a dispensary and want your own set of grinders we can do that for you. When it comes to our dry herb grinders we have a long list of items that would interest anyone in the marijuana industry that’s looking for a good product at an amazing rate.

Weed Grinder - The Bottom Line

Finding the best herb grinder is never an easy feat that’s for sure, but finding that one grinder that sticks with you for a long time can be life-changing. For the cannabis community as well as the industry, grinders were ahead of their time and they only continue to get better with age. No more sticky, smelly fingers, and losing trichomes, with the grinder all the mess is inside leaving you with nothing to clean up. The best weed grinders are not just the ones on our site but also the ones that you can depend on and use for years to come. If you want to learn more about grinders, please visit our guide to grinding weed via Cansumer.

Grinders were heaven-sent to the stoner community when they were invented, it’s like the gift that keeps on giving. There’s nothing better than the pungent aroma of some freshly ground grinder weed for bongs and joints alike. The creation of the grinder merged necessity with convenience in the best way possible for cannabis enthusiasts. With so many cool grinders to mix, match, and even collect it’s hard to find a downside in buying them in bulk.

If you’re a habitual smoker or a busy smoke shop, it pays tenfold to have a stash of grinders around for travelers, shoppers, friends, or locals. Whether you think the best grinder is metal, plastic, or even an industrial grinder, the bottom line is, it’s saving you tons of time, and ganja, whenever you begin to smoke.

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