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Holiday Gift Guide

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‘Twas Marijuana Packaging’s festive gift guide
With products displayed with great care and pride
Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned connoisseur,
All were bound to find something, for sure….
With so many people awaiting your gifts,
And so little time between your work shifts,
Get Marijuana Packaging’s Gift Guide on the case
And you can find all of your gifts in one place. 
No matter the holiday, no matter the reason,
We wish you high times in this magical season.
Benji Vegan Rolling Paper $100 Bill Pre Rolled Cones - 24 Count
Sold out
$1.66 per unit

$40.00 per case

Retail Display | BENJI $100 Bill Vegan Pre-Rolled Cones | Vegetable Paper - 24 Count


Benji Rolling Paper $100 Bill Pre Rolled Cones exist in that rare space where style and decadence seamlessly merge to create an aesthetic that’s se...

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$1.66 per unit

$40.00 per case

Sold out