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Experience iKrusher’s commitment to quality with their range of vaping products and accessories. Offered at competitive wholesale prices, this brand’s line-up will elevate your offerings and impress your customers.

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iKrusher is among the most well-known brands in the marijuana industry. Given the high quality of products produced by the brand, its popularity hardly comes as a surprise. Although the marijuana industry is still budding, many consumers have grown to trust the brand. The company's products, such as the iKrusher battery, are made using state-of-the-art technology to ensure reliability and peak performance. Furthermore, the designs of their goods such as the iKrusher cartridge are exceptionally crafted which makes them aesthetically pleasing.

Even so, beauty isn't the only factor to consider when looking to create products for the cannabis market. Performance is equally a paramount determinant. Nevertheless, this is no problem for the brand as the iKrusher pen manufacturer leaves nothing to chance when fabricating goods. Their reliability is unmatched, and the brand continues to impress more individuals in the cannabis community.

Consequently, many vape shops opt to stock up on iKrusher products. However, dispensary owners should always be on the lookout for unscrupulous suppliers, lest they end up stocking up on illegitimate commodities. Good reviews from previous customers are the perfect guide, something our store doesn't lack.


What Is The iKrusher Brand?

The iKrusher brand is a renowned brand in the cannabis industry based in the US that deals with the manufacture of vaporizers and their associated accessories. The design of iKrusher appliances is done so with the vision of producing innovative products. These products are arguably at the zenith of all marijuana products. The iKrusher dab pen is inevitably one of the most sought-after vape pens in the cannabis market. Since they've been tried and tested, iKrusher goods rarely fail to live up to distributor and consumer expectations.

Like most vape pens, the main components that make up the iKrusher pen are somehow similar. The core parts of an iKrusher disposable pen are the mouthpiece, cartridge, atomizer, power button, and battery. A vape pen's mouthpiece is at the top of the device. It's the pen's exit point where individuals place their mouths to inhale cannabis vapor. The cartridge is a cannabis concentrate storage area. This storage chamber is also known as an iKrusher cart.

An atomizer is a vaporizer's component housed in the iKrusher cartridge. The atomizer generates the necessary heat that vaporizes cannabis concentrate. iKrusher disposable pen atomizers usually have steel or ceramic covers to shield them from damage. The power button turns on the vaporizer after the user presses it a couple of times. The iKrusher battery powers the atomizer, which heats the concentrates.

What Types Of iKrusher Cartridges Are Available?

The marijuana industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years. Manufacturers have gone out of their way to adapt to market changes and give customers products worth every cent. Technological advancements have led to the improvement of cannabis appliances. In some situations, innovations have introduced new products to the industry. iKrusher is one brand that hasn't been left behind on this.

Among the forerunners of technological advancement in vaporizers, they have come up with numerous iKrusher oil cartridges. The iKrusher oil cartridges are of various types. The distinguishing factor of the iKrusher cartridge for sale is its size and functionality. Here are the types of cartridges available in the iKrusher catalog.

Types Of iKrusher Cartridge Available

0.5mL - Screw On / 1mL - Screw On

This type of iKrusher cart is made of medical-grade borosilicate glass. This specialized glass protects its contents from damage and ensures longevity. It is a 510 industry-standard cartridge and is therefore compatible with other 510 vape batteries. Unlike other cartridges in the market, this iKrusher cart has four intake holes that utilize the iKonic ceramic coil technology. Thus, it encourages the efficient vaporization of cannabis concentrates and oils.


The TUX iKrusher wax cartridge is a premium cart. It is cotton-free and made out of ceramic. Even though TUX is a 510 cartridge, it has an exquisite design that gives it a premium look. This iKrusher wax cartridge has a press and lock tip making it hard to tamper with after sealing. It has a transparent medical-grade PCTG body that makes it corrosion and heat resistant.


This type of iKrusher dab cartridge shares a few similar features with TUX. However, it has a few minor tweaks that differentiate it from its counterpart. Just like TUX, TUX PRO has a PCTG body utilizing the same iKonic Ceramic Technology. However, unlike the former, TUX PRO iKrusher dab cartridge has an upgraded mouthpiece that allows maximum airflow. Additionally, it also has a separate oil and coil technology that prevents leaking when filling.


What iKrusher Battery Types Are Available?

iKrusher is no stranger to diversity. Apart from 510 iKrusher oil cartridges, it also manufactures its accompanying batteries. The reputable brand makes various types of iKrusher batteries that come in different designs. Despite the various battery designs, they're compatible with any iKrusher cartridge. Here are the types of batteries fabricated by the iKrusher brand.

Types of iKrusher Battery Available

S2 Battery

This iKrusher battery is not only powerful but also rechargeable. The 350 mAh battery is of the highest standard and lasts long. Its button-activated three voltage settings make it possible to modify vaping experience depending on cannabis oil viscosity.

Xen Battery

The iKrusher Xen is a unique iKrusher cartridge battery with a premium magnetic drop port built into it. It is comfortable to use and provides top-grade performance. This iKrusher battery features a haptic feedback connection and an automatic draw light indicator. The battery is 300mAh and has three variable voltage settings.

Vfire Battery

This iKrusher Vfire battery is one of the most popular batteries. Its popularity is due to superior technology that immensely improves the battery life. What's more, the 500mAh Vfire Battery can handle a broad spectrum of oil viscosities, and like the Xen, it has a haptic feedback connection.

Where To Get iKrusher Vapes Wholesale

Vape store owners are always looking for ways to improve their businesses. The best place to get iKrusher vape carts and batteries is right here at Marijuana Packaging. There are so many things to do that can facilitate the smooth running of any vapor shop. One of the best ways to achieve this is the acquisition of products wholesale. When you buy the iKrusher tux or any other vape-related product in bulk, you get to benefit in so many ways.

Acquisition of goods in wholesale helps to lower the operating costs of a marijuana dispensary. When you buy products in bulk, you spend considerably less than purchasing on retail. In addition to that, our quality products with attractive packaging have the best rates in the market. Our competitive prices are hard for many wholesalers to beat.

iKrusher - The Bottom Line

A store that offers different products wholesale is advantageous to any vape shop owner. Since you get everything under one roof, you save the time and energy you would have used to shop around. Our store is full of so many wholesale products. Some of the appliances we offer are iKrusher Vfire, iKrusher Xen, iKrusher Tik, AVD, CCell, and dab pen. Be sure to visit our online wholesale store when you're looking to buy vape store items.

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