Mylar Bags

Protect and preserve your products with our compliant Mylar bags. These robust bags ensure that your products stay fresh, maintaining their quality for extended periods. Offered in a vast array of sizes and priced affordably for wholesale, these bags are a smart addition to any business whether you sell flower, edibles, or more.


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Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are the absolute best marijuana bags for cannabis flower - there’s just no doubt about it. Mylar, like Kleenex, is a proprietary product name, but we’ll go into that more later.

Mylar, though we know it as a common player in the cannabis packaging industry, is a fairly common material in all industries. If you’ve ever purchased a bag of coffee beans, a silvery balloon with lettering, or an emergency warming blanket, you’ve purchased and handled mylar. It’s a thick, plastic-y, often shiny material beloved for its ultra-resilient, impact-proof qualities. The main reason it’s used to make coffee pouches, though, is because mylar can be made into unbelievably smell proof bags.

Coffee, like marijuana, emits imposingly strong aromas that are not for everyone, yet coffee is sold in almost every grocery store we enter. But we don’t get hit in the face with the smell of coffee when we enter the store, nor do we smell it at all until the moment we open the packaging at home. That’s because thick, airtight mylar bags are completely smell proof, and they perform just as well as weed bags as they do in coffee pouch form.

Just as smell proof mylar bags are cherished in the food industry, they’ve become cherished members of the cannabis community, as well. Resealable bags made from mylar are one of the most secure places for consumers to store their weed. They’re also a no-brainer packaging and transportation choice for cultivators and manufacturers - tough, airtight, aesthetic, smell proof, resealable mylar bags give you peace of mind knowing your freshly cured bud or edibles will remain in tip-top shape until your customers are ready to open them.

Follow along with us to learn all about our extensive collection of compliant, customizable mylar bags. From classic matte black Pinch N Slides to gold foil vista marijuana bags, we have everything you need to package your marijuana in compliant style.

What Are Mylar Bags?

Mylar bags are a special kind of smell proof bags that are used to securely package marijuana, hemp, edibles, and dozens of food and bath products (nuts, coffee, Epsom salts, etc.). They’ve become a go-to exit packaging option for a number of other cannabis products as well, including vape cartridges and concentrate jars. Besides being odor proof bags, most mylar weed bags for sale are completely or partially opaque.

Opacity is becoming an increasingly relevant aspect of compliance packaging in many states, including here in California where we’re based. Even in states where marijuana is completely recreationally and medically legal, there are still numerous restrictions placed upon it, and concealment is a huge restriction. But besides having to meet state laws, many consumers actually prefer opaque, smell proof weed bags.

While we all work in the industry and proudly include the word “marijuana” in our emails and online profiles, there are still people who prefer discretion surrounding their cannabis consumption. Even for those who shout it from the rooftops that they partake, concealing cannabis purchases with cannabis mylar bags when leaving the dispensary and traveling home can be a matter of safety and legality.

Smell proof, airtight, resealable mylar bags are barrier bags for marijuana and its consumers. They protect the marijuana from air, light, and humidity, ensuring its freshness for your customers. Plus, those layers of protection mitigate the risk of theft, seizure, or loss while those customers travel to their destinations. Resealable smell proof bags make it easy for your customers to continually rely on the discretion and protection of mylar weed foil bags.

What Is Mylar?

We said we’d talk more about mylar later on, so here you go. Mylar was invented by DuPont Company in the early 1950s and is now presently a trademark of Dupont-Teijin. It’s a special kind of stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET) called BoPet (biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate), which can be more simply explained as polyester film. You may notice a textile similarity between thin mylar bags and rolls of film, actually!

Once mylar was introduced to the world, the food industry latched onto it immediately. Mylar is exponentially less permeable to gasses, especially oxygen, than other common packaging materials. Manufacturers are able to create scent proof bags from mylar that can keep all sorts of food fresh and safe for long periods of time. Mylar bags’ airtight, smell proof qualities have since gotten them noticed by many other industries, including the marijuana industry.

Add the resealable bags feature and BAM, you’ve got the perfect airtight, smell proof weed bags that act as exit packaging AND reusable home weed storage for your customers. Now, cannabis mylar bags are commonplace at grow operations, dispensaries, collectives, and in most stoners’ homes. Mylar marijuana bags provide protection from air, light, and humidity - three of weed’s four biggest enemies (heat is the last one!) - ensuring your nugs will remain dank, potent, and aromatic until the last bud is blazed.

What Types of Smell Proof Bags Are Available?

We make and sell a vast range of unique, premium mylar smell proof bags wholesale that meet various compliance packaging requirements. Our collection of cannabis bags includes 12 varieties of mylar bags for sale, like child-resistant mylar bags, scent proof bags, and resealable bags of various sizes and colors. Let’s take a quick look at each kind of unique, tamper evident bag.

Black Mylar Bags

  1. Matte Black Pinch N Pull - Our matte black Pinch N Pull smell proof mylar bags are child resistant, tamper evident, and opaque - with the exception of three sizes featuring a vista window. These popular resealable cannabis bags are a compliance packaging dream and can be customized.
  2. Glossy Black Smell Proof Bags - Our glossy black mylar bags are an eyecatching exit packaging choice, but can be customized to make them stand out even more. These custom smell proof bags are tamper evident, opaque, and resealable.
  3. Black Vista Odor Proof Bags - These tamper evident resealable marijuana bags are glossy or matte black on one side and clear on the other - perfect for displaying your dank flower offerings at the dispensary. Plus, they meet the State of Washington’s strict compliance regulations (WAC 314-55-105)!
  4. Matte or Glossy Black Pinch N Slide - The matte or glossy black Pinch N Slide smell proof baggies are a common choice for meeting compliance regulations in many states. These aesthetic cannabis bags are resealable, tamper evident, child resistant>, and customizable. Half are opaque while the rest have vista windows.

White Mylar Bags

  1. White Mylar Scent Proof Bags - Our glossy or matte white mylar bags for sale are beautiful, tamper evident, resealable cannabis pouch bags. They can also easily be made into custom cannabis bags.
  2. White Vista Smell Proof Marijuana Bags - These zipper close mylar 420 smell proof bags are tamper evident and resealable. Made with one glossy or matte white side and one clear side, these odor proof bags are perfect for stylishly displaying your cannabis flower.
  3. Matte or Glossy White Pinch N Slide - The child resistant matte or glossy white Pinch N Slide weed baggies are a common choice for meeting compliance regulations. These sweet and simple 420 bags are tamper evident, resealable, customizable beauties.

Metallic Mylar Bags

  1. Silver/Vista Mylar Bags - These shining silver resealable bags are a tamper evident cannabis packaging dream. The attention grabbing design with one silver side and one clear vista window is sure to turn heads at marijuana dispensaries.
  2. Gold/Vista Mylar Bags - Our gold foil mylar bags are a sight to behold, and so is your cannabis within as seen through these bags’ clear vista windows. Dress your fresh bud to the nines in these sunning, tamper evident, resealable, smell proof weed bags.

Kraft, Custom, and WA State Mylar Bags

  1. Kraft Mylar Bags - Our light brown premium kraft resealable mylar bags are a popular choice for companies adopting a warm, earthy vibe for their brand. These tamper evident, completely opaque, natural-looking marijuana bags meet Washington State’s compliance laws, as well as the outdoor-loving energy of the Pacific Northwest.
  2. Kraft/Vista Mylar Bags - These enlightened odor proof mylar bags proudly display your heady bud through the clear window on one side and feature the earthy, almost wood grain appearance of kraft paper on the other. They’re tamper evident and also meet Washington State’s compliance regulations.
  3. State of Washington-Specific Compliance Mylar Bags - To make things easier for our friends in Washington, we made an entire section for a few Washington-specific mylar bags. We offer three sizes (1g, 3.5g, and 7g) of these tamper evident, non-easy-open, PET/PE plastic, > 4mm thickness, heat-sealable, smell proof bags.
  4. Custom Weed Bags - We offer a few style/size varieties of 100% customizable, tamper evident, and/or child resistant mylar bags. You can create custom labels for all of the other bags, but these ones are completely customizable. Our custom printed mylar bags are some of our favorites in the entire collection.

Many of our mylar bags for flower can also be used as edible bags, especially the larger ones. One of the most popular mylar bag sizes is the 3.5 gram weed eighth bags for 1/8ths, In addition to all of those fantastic, compliant mylar bag varieties, we also carry multiple heat sealer varieties designed for bags just like these.

Can Weed Bags Prolong Shelf Life?

Prolonging the shelf life of weed is one of mylar bags’ number one jobs! Remember when we said that air, light, and humidity are three of weed’s four archenemies, and how mylar bags are particularly adept at blocking all of those things out? Well, you can probably see why mylar makes such fantastic airtight bags for weed then, right?

In general, cannabis packaging listed as “airtight” is also “smell proof”; if it’s airtight, scent can’t escape - and the same is true vice versa. “Odor proof barrier bags” is a pretty good descriptor of what mylar marijuana bags are because the “odor proof bags” aspect indicates the smell proof, airtight qualities that keep weed fresh and under wraps. The “barrier bags” aspect indicates the trusted strength of mylar.

Seriously, mylar smell proof pouch bags are tough. Just think of the coffee bags at the store. You pick one up and toss it in your cart, never once for a moment fearful that it will break open and spill beans across the aisle. That's because you know from experience (and the hardy feel when you pick it up) that those bags are resilient. The same thing goes for mylar odor barrier bags full of flower - your customers can toss them in a purse, a backpack, or a drawer without fear of damaging your valuable product.

Many cultivators/dispensaries also decide to vacuum seal their mylar bags for sale as this removes excess air. The less air inside, the fresher your weed will stay for longer. Marijuana bags made from impact-resistant, smell proof mylar are truly one of the best ways to ensure your products will remain in good condition for weeks, even months, on end.

Are Resealable Bags Child Resistant?

We make two closure varieties of child resistant mylar bags for weed and edibles. Numbers 1 and 4 under the above “Black Mylar Bags” heading and number 3 under “White Mylar Bags” are our child resistant resealable packaging bags. They come in either matte or glossy white or black options in several varying sizes/shapes.

Child resistant bags for weed are essential in some states and appreciated by most consumers in the cannabis community. Child resistant cannabis packaging laws are implemented to prevent kids from getting their hands on THC/CBD products, and they also mitigate spills. Part of child resistant packaging is often the resealable quality, which saves stoners from picking bits of nug out of their carpets.

But, of course, the most crucial aspect of child resistant packaging - how it resists children trying to open it - is the most important thing here. Parents and other caregivers who partake are particularly grateful for and seek out this type of packaging specifically. With child resistant packaging laws in place, we can all feel safer knowing our cannabis products are less likely to end up in little kid’s hands.

One important thing to note is that child resistant does not mean child proof. Child resistant marijuana smell proof bags must pass a test that keeps under five years olds from opening them for a reasonable amount of time until A) a parent finds them and intervenes or B) the child gives up. Typically, that’s around five minutes. But remember, children are very clever and very quick. Some states also require resealable mylar bags or plastic containers for edible packaging that contains more than one serving.

While our child resistant mylar cannabis bags are made from impact-resistant mylar, you can absolutely cut through them with scissors. So, just because the container is child resistant does not mean it’s child proof. There will always be a fast-acting, clever kid who thinks to cut the mylar marijuana bags open before a parent intervenes.

Where to Buy Marijuana Bags Wholesale

Our extensive collection of compliant mylar smell proof bags wholesale has something for every brand, every strain, and every edible. Mylar bags are no doubt the best smell proof weed bags in cannabis packaging - their resilience is unparalleled, and their customizable quality makes them the perfect functionally promotional product.

If you’re looking to vamp up your flower packaging, our mylar smell proof bags bulk pricing makes upgrading easy and affordable. Whether you’re looking to get up to code with compliance, help your brand stand out the shelves, or both, we can help you get there with our compliant, custom mylar bags wholesale. With our custom branded cannabis bags, we can even help you design unique custom weed bags unlike any other brands’.

One of the best parts about our weed bags bulk collection is the vast range of sizes and shapes of mylar bags for sale. You can pick the perfect 1/8th, half, ounce, and even joint or blunt scent proof bags all in the same colors and styles.* Creating a distinct vibe for your brand helps your products get noticed at dispensaries and keeps people coming back to your stuff time and again.

We don’t know about you, but when we’re faced with many options of weed bags for sale at a dispo, we gravitate toward the most aesthetic packaging. Especially if big name chain shops are stocking your products, your packaging has to be eye-catching to grab the attention of those sensory-overloaded customers.

But don’t worry - eye-catching doesn’t have to mean flashy gold mylar cannabis bags with bold-typing (unless that’s your vibe, in which case, we’ve got you). Eye-catching can be our simple white and clear resealable marijuana bags adorned with dainty botanical drawings on the labels. It can be striking matte black bags that feature simplistic block lettering. It can be anything you want it to be because our mylar marijuana bags are unlike anything else on the market.

Mylar Bags - The Bottom Line

The cannabis community has long sought out odor proof bags. But since we all got on the mylar bandwagon, it seems we’ve found our collective weed pouch pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Mylar bags are simply the perfect form of compliant flower packaging - they’re impact-resistant, can be fully opaque, keep dank aromas in while keeping light, air, and moisture out, can be reused and resealed, and are naturally aesthetically pleasing! Seriously, how did we ever discreetly transport marijuana or keep it fresh before smell proof cannabis bags of mylar existed?

Well, I think we can all agree that mylar bags make everything so much easier. When buying marijuana smell proof bags with all the compliance qualities taken care of, you can feel free to focus on designing your perfect labels or bags - the ones you’ve always dreamed of seeing on dispensary shelves. Let us help you bring those dreams to life with our beautiful, unique collection of mylar 420 smell proof bags.

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