Variable Voltage "Old Man's Pipe" Shaped Vape Cartridge Battery

900mah - Redwood Wood - 510 Thread

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Take yourself back to the good old days with this variable voltage "old man's pipes" shaped cartridge battery. This wood grain vape battery will have you feeling like Sherlock Holmes. These wooden pipe batteries are the perfect piece to spice up your vape pen. This battery uses an effortless intuitive clicking strategy to alter between premium vaping voltages of 3.0V to 4.2V.

This gives you total power to vape your concentrates at the voltage YOU prefer and keeps you from worrying about it combusting. The battery power on this is 900mAh so kick your worries to the curb when it comes to running out of juice and being left vape less. It only takes 5 clicks of the power button to turn the battery on and 5 to turn it off. This vape battery is full of surprises and functions. I mean c’mon, it’s shaped like a pipe! How cool is that? It also conveniently comes with a USB charger.

While these cartridge batteries are lovingly called "old man's pipe," they aren't just for your grandfather. This pipe-shaped vape has a classy redwood wood finish, giving it the look of stylish sophistication. The feeling of holding a pipe in your hand is hard to beat, and this vape pipe is sure to be a favorite with your customers!

What Is The Old Man's Pipe Vape Cartridge Battery?

A vape cartridge battery is essential to any vaping experience. The pipe cartridge battery powers the entire operation; it heats and vaporizes the cannabis concentrate in the cartridge. The pipe battery is the heart to dab carts, and without them, vaping would not be the experience your customers know and love. Customers simply have to screw their cartridge tanks onto the pipe cart batteries, and they are set to go.

"Old Man's Pipe" Vape Cartridge Battery Features

Not only does the redwood wood finish on the weed cartridge pipe give the battery a visual appeal, but all the fantastic features are sure to be big hits. The power button on top of the battery is an innate touch system for total control over the voltage. The voltage varies between 3.0V and 4.2V; this protects the vape pipe from combusting while allowing your customers to vape at their preferred voltage. Light-up colors on the button indicate different voltages–you cannot deny how fun yet practical this feature is.

The click features on this pipe-shaped vape are simple to remember. Click two times to activate a 15-second function to preheat the wood pipe battery, providing a smoother smoking experience. Five clicks turn the battery on, and five clicks turn the battery off.

The battery life is also nothing to dismiss; the pipe dab pen battery is 900mAh. This long battery life will enable users to enjoy their old man pipe experience without fear of losing power. When the battery runs out, these pipe batteries for cartridges come with a handy USB charger.

These old man smoking pipe batteries are compatible with any 510 thread cartridges. This thread is considered the industry standard, so the customers can easily fit their carts onto the pipe battery. A 510 cartridge battery is one of the best threads to have, considering customers can simply use existing cartridges. When it is time to purchase new ones, they will have no trouble! A 510 pipe battery is truly the best choice in size.

Why Buy From Marijuana Packaging?

Choosing where to buy a pipe battery can be tricky with so many vape pipes for sale online. The "old man's pipe" is just one of the reasons you should select Marijuana Packaging for all your vape pipe needs! We offer amazing and unique cartridge batteries for your business to provide to customers. We offer items like the "old man's pipe" weed cartridge pipe because of the fantastic features and aesthetic of the product. We also provide the pipe 510 battery at a low cost, so you can keep your bottom line tight and offer low retail prices. We cannot wait to supply you with excellent cartridge batteries like the "old man's pipe"!

  • Green: 3.0V
  • Blue: 3.7V
  • Red: 4.2V
  • 5 quick clicks will turn the device on or off
  • 2 clicks will activate a 15 second preheat function
  • Total Height: 45.45mm
  • Total Length: 40.75mm
  • Total Diameter: 26.6mm
  • Features: Preheat Function, Rechargeable, Comes with micro-usb cable
⚠️ WARNING: Cancer -


Battery Capacity (mAh)




Voltage Setting(s)

Variable: 3.0V , 3.7V , 4.2V

Activation Type



Mahogany Wood



Thread Connection / Adapter




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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Joe C.

I love this thing. It gives a great hit and looks great.


Great product, looks cool and has a long battery life!

Wolfgang Thompson
Great Little Pipe

I love this, It fits my hand well and I love I can recharge while the cartridge is connected

Gabe Compton
Wizard weed

This shit is insane it’s the only battery I use now

DeBorah Beaulieu
Love this Pipe!

This is the best cartridge device I’ve ever used. It’s sleek, small, trendy & stays charged for days.

Angelica Segura
Battery Pack to CBD Cartridge

The pipe attachment is so cool and it's so light weight. My husband absolutely loved it! If I had tried to find it in my town it would have ckst me like $40

AJ Velasquez
No longer works :(

I bought a similar product on Amazon but It had burnt out on me and Amazon was no longer selling them. I found it here and when it arrived it was working great. But as of today when I tried using it this morning it blinked 10 times on me, let it charge for 4 hours with out touching it, tried using it again and still blinks 10 times. Tried different cartridges but the battery doesn't work.

I love the product but I think I just got a bad one that had a short life.

Brian Groves
Perfect Design

This bad boy hits hard!!! 3 different heat settings is awesome. Very low key fits in the palm of hand nicely

Donte B.
Great buy, bad delivery

I love the pen. When I ordered this I paid extra to recieve it in 2 days. I didn't receive it until 5 days past the promised date. MariPackaging did their part, the postal service didn't. So thru all I said the point I'm trying to get across is you'll get a great buy but don't pay extra for faster delivery. Just be patient

Aidan Jacobson

Love it! Feels and works awesome!